Staffy Puppy Training The Importance of Educating Your Young Bull Terrier

6 November, 2014

When you buy a staffy bull terrier, there will be a lot of things you want to organize, but staffy puppy training will have to be right at the beginning of your list. It’s a great idea to focus on training during the first year because that will stop your puppy coming to any harm. This training can then evolve so that others are safe from your puppy. Staffy puppy training may differ from other types of training in later years but there are some rudiments that are the same for most breeds.

Fundamental dog training at an early age is extremely important since you want to ingrain good habits as soon as possible. Young children are comparatively easy to train because they don’t yet have set behaviours, and the same holds true for pups, who will relish training more while they are youthful.

One of the most important things to teach is to get your pet to go to the bathroom outside. There are a couple of different approaches you can use here. One of these approaches is to teach your dog to go to the bathroom after a meal, say, or just before the family goes to bed. Bear in mind though, that your dog may need to do its business at other times, if for illustration it is ill. So teaching your pet to let you know when it wants to go to the toilet is very helpful.

You may not think so, but teaching a puppy to do this isn’t very difficult. If you let your pet outside, ask it if it needs to go. Your staffy’s toilet time will quickly become linked to toilet time, and if you ask it and it jumps up, it is ready to go. If your pup doesn’t respond to your query, then undoubtedly it doesn’t want to go to the toilet.

Taking a puppy for a walk is great fun for you both, but can be unsafe in the absence of any education. For instance, most folks live in urban areas with plenty of cars, people and other pets. So in this context teaching your staffy pup to sit, stay and come back to you is extremely important. Getting your dog to obey such commands without hesitation can take some time. Sorry to say there are a few dog owners who never manage to teach their dogs these commands.

The concern is that dogs like to play and explore so you will need to start and then gradually work your way up to allowing it to explore freely in the park. You can apply a stage by stage technique for getting your dog to sit; first within the home, and then out in the garden. You will need to allow it to explore while on the lead when at the park but you could work your way up to allowing it off the lead. Then you can eventually get your dog to walk along beside you without using a leash at all.

All dogs have a tendency to want to struggle on their leash when they are in the proximity of other people and animals, so you will want to deal with this unwanted habit during your staffy puppy training. It is worth noting that if the dog has been around its litter long enough, it will realize how to do this on its own. One way to see any changes in your dog’s socialization skills is to see how it responds when you have visitors during the first year of its’ life. It’s behaviour could range from jumping up on your guests or just quietly walking over to say hello. The restrained conduct is what you are aiming for.

The ideas you have just read form the basics of staffy puppy training and there will be further aspects to come later on, but they make an excellent starting point.

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