Starting Your Own Home Daycare Business

6 March, 2014

Our Expert Editors have put together this exciting comprehensive package that provides you with with the knowledge and the tools to start, operate and profit from your own day care. This award winning instructional set is the essential guide tool box for any person wishing to start their own day care facility

A Step by Step Guide to Success…

How To Start and Operate a Daycare™

Created by successful day care operators and edited by industry experts, the How to Start and Operate a Day Care kit™ manual guides you step by step through each essential stage of opening, operating and growing a successful daycare business.
Only through this exclusive online offer, you’ll be able to draw on more than 100 combined years of industry experience covering every conceivable topic in the daycare field. You’ll receive expert advice on…

Receive Lifetime Access and Updates with Full Membership Privelages

Planning a New Day Care

Extensive coverage on all aspects of planning your center including

The Cost of Starting Your Daycare
Writing Your Business Plan
Naming Your Operation
Legal Requirements
Determining Your Home Requirements

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