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10 November, 2012

Hand crank beaters are a thing of the past. Kitchen mixers have come a long way from the toys we once thought they were. C’mon, didn’t you sit on grandma’s kitchen floor twirling away while she did some actual baking? Well now they’re big and bright and boy do they beat a mean meringue.

Now you can bake just like grandma, but without all the wrist-wrenching work. Kitchen mixers can now do the heavy duty, muscle building work for you. They mix, they beat, they whip, they knead. What else could you ask for?

First off, go big – like a Viking mixer. If it’s too big and bulky to store in a dusty cupboard somewhere then you’ve got to keep it on a counter. You know the old adage: out of sight, out of mind. Sitting on a kitchen counter is right where you want this new culinary convenience. This way you will be more apt to use your mixer and it will be ready to go whenever you are.

If you’ve got the space, go ahead and keep your mixer central to your kitchen. If not, a nice corner on the counter will do. This frees up regularly used counter space, while keeping your mixer nearby. Though these types of mixers can be a bit heavy, I do recommend placing an inexpensive cutting board underneath. This allows for easy mobility across your counters without having to lift the machine. When you’re done, just slide it back into place. Simple and quick.

Kitchen mixers aren’t just for cakes. With the various attachments, you can be making a complete dinner in no time. Mixing meatloaf, mashing potatoes, kneading dough, and whipping cream to top that delicious dessert are all a cinch. And the clean-up is fairly easy when you’re finished.

July 30 2010

Hand crank beaters are a thing of the past. Kitchen mixers have come a long way from the toys we once thought they were. C’mon, didn’t you sit on grandma’s kitchen floor twirling away while she did some actual baking? Well now they’re big and bright and boy do they beat a mean meringue.

Want to get back to baking just like grandma but with a little less fuss? You might have to forgo the hand and arm strength she had. But, did you really want to impress your grandkids by being able to crack walnuts with your bare hands? With the use of a mixer the beating, kneading, and mixing can be left to the machines.

You could ease into the world of mixers, but I say go for the big guns first. Just by design, you’ll find them easier to use. A Viking mixer is big and bulky, meant to be stored on the a counter, not hidden in a cupboard you have to dig through on hands and knees every time you want to use it. Remember: out of sight, out of mind.

A counter corner is a perfect spot to keep your mixer – far back enough to leave you space for every day kitchen routines, yet close enough to pull forward when you need it. Due to the weight and bulk of the machine keep it on an inexpensive cutting board for ease of movement. Then you can just slide it in and out of its corner without straining your arms and back. Better yet, if you’ve got the space, just keep it out and ready for use on a constant basis.

Kitchen mixers aren’t just for cakes. With the various attachments, you can be making a complete dinner in no time. Mixing meatloaf, mashing potatoes, kneading dough, and whipping cream to top that delicious dessert are all a cinch. And the clean-up is fairly easy when you’re finished.

July 30 2010

While you are wanting to embark upon any of the gay holiday adventures which are available around the globe, it is important to first develop exactly what both you and your partner are fascinated in discovering. From adrenaline pumping escapades to calming times at spas or even sitting next to crystal clear oceans, the earth is without a doubt at your tips of the fingers. Establish your own affordability and your ambitions and then allow a travel bureau carry out the remainder. Excursions might be stress filled to plan, so nerve-racking they lose the lure by the time it’s time to leave. Do not allow that to occur to you. Alternatively, call the pros!
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July 28 2010

5 Steps for Obtaining the Best Landlord Insurance Policy
With a landlord insurance policy, those who own properties and rent out the home or business to tenants can be adequately protected with this type of coverage. For those who have never had landlord insurance in the past or are hoping to obtain a better insurance policy, the following steps are good ones to take in order to pick the best coverage around.
Do Some Homework
In order to get the best landlord insurance available you simply have to be willing to do some research. Research things such as policy inclusions, cost of the policy coverage and the traits possessed by the insurance provider as this company needs to be of a high quality in order to offer you the best insurance service.
Consider the Various Coverage Types
When learning about different insurance policies, always consider what options are available for coverage. Some policies may include expensive extras that you do not need or want. Others might seem like a bargain because they are not including coverage you feel you should have, or the coverage amounts are lower than you want, such as liability coverage limits. The more policies you look at, the better you will understand what coverage options are available.
Deciding Which Offer is Truly Best
Again, the lowest price is no bargain if it offers the least coverage. The coverage may be inadequate for your needs. All comparisons need to include which items are being covered in addition to the price. You are looking for the policy that has all the coverage in the coverage limits you need to be protected, at the best price. Policy cost difference need to be investigated to see why one firm has such a great variance from another one for the same options. There may be a non-obvious reason for the big discount. Online is the best place to find plenty of policies and companies to compare.
Find a Good Company
Online is a great place to get reviews of a company and find out which ones provide good claims service and are there for you when you need them, not just when the premiums are due. Find out what the claims process is, ease of filing claims and ease of contact.
Get Your Policy in Force
Once you have taken a long look at the various landlord coverage policies and have found one to fit your budget and needs, the final step is to get the policy up and running. Contact the chosen company, fill out the necessary forms and be on your way to protecting your property and your wallet by having high quality insurance policies in effect.
An item as important to your financial security as landlord insurance deserves the time and effort required by research. Fortunately, information available online makes this research relatively easy to perform and not terribly time-consuming. Follow these guides and you should have no problem finding the best landlord insurance policy available for your rental property. You can sleep better at night knowing you are covered by the best.
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July 24 2010

How is the telecommunications industry changing? It’s commonplace to say that the arrival of the mobile phone has altered the way we communicate. though this is almostcertainly true, this generalisation hides a seismic shift in a industry which is experiencing a revolution in the way organisations and indiviuals source and pay for their phone, internet and mobile services.

Cast your mind back to when BT pretty much held the monopoly on the UK telecoms sector. In Q3 of 2009, BT’s share of landline calls fell below half for the first time ever. BT still has a considerable advantage. People trust the brand and the BT stranglehold of the telephone hardware infrastructure is still pretty absolute, despite significant local loop unbundling.

Because of unbundling, this is no longer the case, and consumers are now treated to a wider choice. Many of these deliver niche propositions, for example those targetted to students, particular business types or ethnic groups. Unbundling has also allowed smaller providers, such as Axis Telecom, to increase their market share. Axis keeps its costs low by buying the unbundled call time at wholesale prices – making it possible to pass sunstantial pricing benefits on to its customers.

July 20 2010

Muhaddith Islamic Videos & Quran Miracles
Al Muhaddith project produces Islamic Videos that dispell misconceptions about Muslims. These issues include Prophet Muhammad marriage to Aisha, the anti-Quran film Fitna by Geert Wilders, the headscarf or Hijab worn by Muslim women, Islam’s punishment for adultery and its legal conditions. The Islamic videos also discuss scientific facts mentioned in the Holy Quran, such as the atmosphere, Iron, reproduction, the expanding Universe, the Big Bang. Another series entitled the Spirit of Islam discuss the spiritual side of the Islamic religion, such as the authenticity of Islamic texts, the purpose of life, why isn’t life perfect, why God allows suffering. These films give real insight into the Islamic perspective.

July 18 2010

social work agencies are an excellent resource to assist social workers without jobs to help them find employment. A social worker new to the field is apt to get great experience via these agencies. If a social work agency has different short term assignments, it will let social workers experiment with a variety of jobs before choosing to work with a specific population. Social work agencies are very well connected,they help social workers,who do not have jobs,by obtaining positions in agencies.

After working with an agency for about three months, new employees may be able to get health insurance benefits. There should be no cost for the candidate looking for a job in social work. Using contacts in social work agencies, or the agencies themselves, as references on their resumes can be really helpful to the unemployed social worker.

July 16 2010

The vast majority of small business owners make the right choices in intelligently strategically implementing their venture. Frankly, this is the birthing of his/her infant. Would you just show up at the delivery room to bring into this world your child with no planning? I think not.

Many successful business owners are acutely aware of correctly starting the business so that it protects the owner from the activity of the enterprise. Unfortunately nearly all start up entrepreneurs forget to shield their enterprise from their private activity.

In the instance that there is an event at your home and there is an accident, the injured party’s attorney will potentially attempt to attach your investments, including your small business. If you only operate your company as an sub-chapter S-corp or a C-corporation, you may easily lose your enterprise in a judgment.

If your business is a S-corp or C-corp, and your stock certificates are owned by an NV or offshore international business corporation, you keep personal control of your investment, but not have direct personal ownership. This is a key function to asset protection. As John Rockefeller said, “Own nothing but control everything.”

There are also many other options available to create the appearance of unattractive assets to potential creditors. The important thing is to have qualified advisors on implementing your asset protection plan in order to maximize the gain.

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July 12 2010

The most romantic day of the year V day as I call it is near and while I should be more interested in it I’m not. Hey don’t misunderstand me, I can be romantic when it comes to others. I like to surprise my boyfriend with unique gifts and have a quiet, romantic dinner with him. However, for this gal, St Patrick’s day is the day I look forward to each Spring. My grandparents on my mom’s and dad’s family came from Ireland and I am proud to wear my green on St. Paddy’s day.

Yes you can skip buying me a dozen roses on St. Valentine’s day, surprise me with a unique Personalized St Paddy’s Day Gifts Idea that I can display or wear with pride on St. Patrick’s day a few weeks later. Perhaps I’ll get an Irish pub mug or a green plaid flask or maybe a custom Shamrock coffee mug.

It’s true, this Irish lass just can’t get enough of her emerald roots in Ireland. Go for the ‘green’ – really – I’ll love you more for it.

July 11 2010

The fact is, IT hiring managers really do desire to hire you. They enter each interview with the wishes that you will be the person for the job. If you don’t get signed up, it’s because you’ve convinced the inter¬viewer that you’re not the person for the job. The IT “hiring” process starts well before your job interview and continues long after you get the job. The reason for this post is to distribute some golden reminders on how to approach that IT job interview. All of these helpful reminders obviously cannot be tackled at once, but they can be slowly worked on. It’s never too late to turn around a tanking career or even to better a amazing career. Here are twelve tips to help you along the way. 1st, make sure that you can better the company that you are seeking to sign on with. If you get the job, it will be because you are improving the value of the company. If you are replacing somebody else, be better than they were. It’s just that easy. 2nd, do not bounce from job to job. If you have had lot of different jobs in the past few years, it does not look good to the hiring manager. Be loyal and dedicated and you will be much better off. 3rd, don’t be stagnant with your position either. Sticking around in 1 job position for an extended stay reveals indolence as well. Stay mobile, innovating and being a person who instills growth to the point that you get promoted. Fourthly, show the IT hiring manager what your capabilities are. Back your skills up and offer them up. Don’t make the IT manager actually pull them out of you. 5th, prove that you have tackled fresh challenges. We all want to know about what’s happening now and the hiring manager is no different. He/she wants to know that you are up to date with the latest and greatest happenings in the IT industry and that you have been on the forefront of making things happen. 6th, be current with your knowledge of IT through skill-sets and IT certifications. This takes a great amount of self-motivated study and research, which is hard to do a lot of times because you are so busy with your current tasks. But it’s extremely important. Be ahead of the curve and show that your skillset is applicable to today’s challenges. IT certifications are becoming more and more necessary to make yourself stand out in the crowd, and there are many companies out there, like PrepLogic, that can help you tremendously when you are looking to get certified. Seven, detest complacency, because the hiring manager you are trying to impress already does. Employers look for direction and tenacity. Prove it to them first before they have to ask you for it. 8, don’t be stupid with your personal social networks. Everyone loves to let everyone else know what’s going down in their lives through the vehicle of Twitter, Facebook and other sites. But if you are not cautious, those pics of “last night” can cost you the job for today. Nine, simply stated, be a finisher. Interviewees are not successful due to the amount of projects they have proven to start, but the amount they successfully finish. 10, be an awesome communicator. Normally the hiring manager will be, and if you aren’t, it won’t look good. Hiring managers have to spend a lot of their time at work talking to people, so they get pretty good at it. If you are not strong in the communication both written and oral areas, work on it. Very often this is a big part of the first impression that you present. Eleven, encourage the IT hiring manager to want to get to know you better as a person in and outside of the workplace. Building rapport is an amazingly vital part of any interview. Also, make sure your resume and cover letter give the IT hiring manager a great relevant summation of who you are and what your skillset is that will solve their problems. And last but not least, swallow a piece of humble pie before you enter into that room. Many people mistakenly approach the interview room or pre-call with a sense that the hiring manager owes them the open position. That sense of entitlement really comes out in the interview and will always ruin your chances immediately. Hope this has been able to help those of you who are struggling to find that IT job.

July 10 2010

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