Target Public Marketing Announces Launch of Revolutionary Ceos Course On Local Search Engine Marketing Pre Registration Now Available

22 January, 2017

Dallas, Tx (PRWEB) February 28, 2014

Ronda Jordan, director of the Dallas office of Target Public Marketing LLC, announced today that TPM has launched the ExpansionAcademy.com business training website. ExpansionAcademy.com will provide high level but easy-to-understand online business and marketing courses aimed to give business owners mastery over sometimes complex subjects. Interested individuals can now pre-register for the first course, “The CEO’s Guide to Local Search,” which will be online within the next seven days. The course is provided without charge and is based on a book just published by the company’s CEO, George Mentis.

“CEOs and business owners are busy people and they don’t always have time to grasp the intricacies of things like internet marketing,” says an impassioned Jordan, who has been with TPM for more than four years. “These things can be complex. ‘Local search’ in particular can be such a boon to any business when it is done properly that its benefits and methodology need to be clearly understood, especially by those in charge.”

Jordan also pointed out that more than 80 per cent of all businesses owners and managers that contact TPM don’t know how to properly set up their company on local search. “That’s why we wrote the book on Local Search and are making it our first course,” says Jordan.

The 10,000 word “CEO’s Guide to Local Search” is written in conversational and non-technical language. The online course itself has 13 major topics and is broken down into 25 short, easy modules. Some of the modules for the “CEO’s Guide to Local Search” are:

What is Local Search?

The Benefits of Local Search

Online Directories

Google Places for Business


Google Maps

Google Reviews

Online Reviews

Local Search Engine Optimization

Google Adwords & Adwords Express

Mobile Responsiveness


“This book is very easy to read and the course is likewise very easy to grasp. It is totally up-to-date too, although things change very fast on the web,” says Jordan.

“The really great thing is that a lot of the recommendations can be implemented without cost and with very minor time commitment by a business. Even our course is no charge. It is like a goldmine for new leads and business for every business owner.”

To pre-register for the “CEO’s Guide to Local Search,” visit http://www.ExpansionAcademy.com.

For further information on TPM, contact Ronda Jordan at 888-788-5124.

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