Teaching Music Theory Brets

17 July, 2010

Finding Good materials for teaching music theoryWhen you begin to teach music theory you’ll soon learn that students need a lot of repetition of the same material. Some students pick it up quickly, but most need lots of practice reading notes and understanding rhythms.I have found that when teaching music theory I have to get them to completely go through two or three music theory books.Just one music theory book is rarely enough for them to master the subject completely. Music Theory is a very complicated subject, and not something that you can just do in a few minutes.
If Possible it would be good for students to have a second private music lesson each week with a dedicated music theory teacher.However this is not really terribly realistic for many students, as their parents cannot afford to pay for two lessons per week.However, it is possible that students can learn theory by going through a music theory book on their own, having their teacher check their work every week.So how do you know which book to use? There are literally hundreds of music theory books which have been written, many with the sole reason of preparing for examinations.But what if you don’t want to do examinations, but you still want a complete grounding?Luckily there is a simple solution available called Printable Music Theory Books. These theory books are completely flexible – they match most exam syllabi, however you don’t need to do the exams.These books are completely printable, which means for the teacher they can purchase one license and print out as many copies as they need for their students.Schools can make up workbooks for each student, and pick and choose the content from the CD-ROM’s.Teaching music theory has never been easier than with these printable music theory books, which you can customize as you need for your students.
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