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31 May, 2017

Alexa Ross asked:

Are you having trouble increasing your conversion rate with your articles? It’s ok if you are……most people struggle with this article marketing “area” more than any other. Creating creative, cajoling, coercive reasons for people to click on your resource box links is one of the greatest challenges that most marketers face, even if you are naturally talented and exceptionally attractive and stylish like you and I.

The Difference Between Sensational Success and Frustrating Failure

The key to building a REAL business online, especially when if you’re focus is content is NOT how hard you work. It’s not how much content you write, either. The whole “content is king” mantra is completely WRONG. Content isn’t king – conversion is. If you write an article that gets 1000 views over a week or so, the difference between a 10% click through rate and a 50% click through rate could be the defining factor between quitting your day job and watching Judge Judy re-runs all day like me, or slaving all day at a job you ****….all while wondering what you can do online go earn you the sort of freedom you truly crave.

The Simple Guide to Creating a Compelling Resource Box That Converts Like Crazy

Here it is: Test multiple offers in EVERY niche. Write one curiosity resource box. Write one authoritative, direct response style one. (like the one you see with this particular article) Try one that uses a time driven, urgency element, etc. Just use up EVERY bio box you have available, and carefully watch the conversions for each one.

Invariably, you’ll find that one approach has a success ratio that far surpasses the others…..and you simply scale THAT one up and out, across all of the articles you publish in that particular niche. (note – often, what works in ONE niche does NOT work in another, as every “community” has it’s own language, it’s own motivatators and it’s own sort of “conversational conversion Q’s” that motivate that market to move)

The Net Result is This:

In one market we publish in, one article had a conversion percentage of 80% using a very specific resource box, the others, 20-25%.

Simply by scaling that ONE box out across subsequent articles in this particular niche, we’ve seen a DRAMATIC increase in traffic almost instantly, an average CTR improvement of 300% on AVERAGE (as all together this box is converting at close to 70% combined….even after a month) and a much rosier landscape and overall outlook for this particular project! (whereas had we stuck with one mediocre resource box…..the the entire niche would have been scrapped almost from jump)

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