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6 June, 2016


From the desk of David Green

Re: How To Clobber Your
Competition And Maximize Your
Job Offers!

Dear Job Seeker,

I’m going to
be honest with you…

… The job market
is crazy right now!
That’s why, I completely understand

Your frustrated from not
knowing how to get the
job you want?
Are you looking to avoid a
dreadful job with low pay and
little or no benefits? Are you afraid
because you know your resume isn’t
good enough to get your desired

Until eBay, in order to With Terry’s Proven Strategies. Get Into Estate Sales Early For The Best Deals Recent

You see, if you’re like
most job seekers you have a problem
and you’re looking for (immediate)
help. Your experience is not unique.
Believe me! For example, you may
need to…

  • Persuade
    employers to hire you even if
    your a college graduate…

  • Prevent
    constant resume rejection from
    employers and hiring managers…

  • Learn the
    format that gives your resume &
    cover letter “the edge”…

  • Gain the
    advantage over fierce
    as a “seasoned ace”…

  • Understand
    how to polish up
    your resume to attract
    job offers like a magnet…

  • Make a
    dramatic come-back into a job
    industry after years of rest…

  • Devise a

    strategy for your job hunt…

  • Construct a
    plan on how to accomplish
    your career change…  

  • Write a
    resume when you have several
    degrees or jobs in different

… whatever your current job
search situation, this will be
the most important letter to
gain the job you want.

But Wait!
I’m not here to
pull your leg. I’m here to tell you
the solution. But before I open it
up to helping you receive the job
offers you want, I have to ask you
to be honest with me for a minute.

Do you have the ability to let
go of the old ways of doing
Are you flexible in your

Can you open your mind to out of
the box thinking?

Because if you’re rigid
or set in your ways please stop
What I’m about to
share IS NOT FOR YOU. I want to
eliminate you from getting this
information now. There is no need to
waste your time or mine.

But if you are ready to break
through the barrier to get the job
you desire I can show you how. (This
is not for unserious job seekers. And it’s not a
lot of extra work for you to try to
squeeze in your already cram-packed

Can You Handle The Truth?

Hi my name is David Green.
I’m a hiring manager for
Distinguish Marketing
Corporation. My
job as a Hiring Manager is to
hire and teach employers how to
review resumes, cover letters
and other important documents,
choose job applicants, and
analyze candidates during a job
interview. As the Hiring
Manager, I have the authority to
decide on who to hire.
enough about me.

Did you know the choices you make
right now…

… Will guide your
professional development and
fulfillment. It’s all about dreams –
your dreams for the future for you
and your family. It’s all about
drive – your search for a workplace
where your drive to succeed will be
recognized and rewarded.

more, it’s all
about the knowledge on how to
gain the unfair advantage
, and
gaining the unfair advantage has absolutely nothing to do with
you being unethical. I personally
teach nor encourage anyone
to lie, cheat, or perform any
unethical action during a job
search. Here is the simple equation
you need to know…

Your Unfair
Advantage = Winning Your Desired Job

But there is a catch…
you have to know how to implement
the right steps during your job
search to receive the job your
passionate about!

I know what you
thinking… you don’t believe you
have the skills and experience to
have the unfair advantage over your
competition. Well I have good news
for you…

… Getting The Unfair Advantage
Your Skills And Experience

Let me explain and expose
this false myth…

… I don’t
understand why people are so quick
to assume that employers and hiring
manager only care about an
applicants skills and experience. 

This rumor is as false as an
NFL coach starting players just
because they have the most
strength and speed within the
team. This is not going to

You have to understand
there are so many other factors that
are important to employers. In fact,
there are many cases in which the
person with the best skills and
experience doesn’t even win the job

Look at what is
happening today…

… With so
many people having a great education
background, great achievements, and
great experience missing out on the
career their craving, you could
conclude it’s nearly impossible to
get a decent job today.

Today it seems like the
employment process has NO MERCY
for anyone!

  • Doesn’t matter if
    you’re the kindest
    person in the world.
  • Doesn’t matter if
    you love what you do.
  • Doesn’t matter how
    badly you want the job.
  • Doesn’t matter what your
    profession is.
  • Doesn’t matter if you
    have decades of
    experience in your
  • Doesn’t even matter
    if you have the highest
    education possible.

It’s sad because
it seems like NO ONE is
guaranteed a great job

based on the qualifications
above. The world has changed
so rapidly a lot of people
no longer understand what it
takes to get their desired
career. It’s sad, but it’s

(I’m going to show you
why you shouldn’t worry
about this at all. In fact,
you will be swimming with a
clear path to prosperity and
victory while your
competition remains below
sea level. I’ll come back to
this later…)

What Happens To People Who Don’t
How To Gain The Unfair

Beware, this story might freak
you out a little…

I was born and raised in
Wisconsin, and I still live in the
frigid city of Madison, Wisconsin.
Sometimes it’s so cold up here, you
will often see people walking
backwards just to escape the
freezing wind chill smothering their

However, it’s a great comfortable
place to live. I like it up here
because the people in Wisconsin are
so joyful, respectful, and peaceful.
Until one day…

 … In Madison I got into a cab.
The cab driver didn’t say anything
and he seemed very depressed. So out
of curiosity I glanced at his ID,
and I couldn’t believe my eyes.

I must need
glasses because his ID can’t
possibly read PhD. So I wiped my
eyes with both of my hands and
then took another glance at his

Sure enough, my
eyes didn’t deceive me… once
again I saw PhD.
How does a person with a
PhD end up as a cab driver?

 WOW That’s Weird But You Won’t
Believe What Happened Next

I have been trading for over 7 years in stocks and options, without ever hearing about this technique. I like the fact that the book tells you where to

During that same week, I ran into a
young man who sparked up a
conversation with me. His name was
Shawn. He begin talking about his
past experience at UW-Madison.

I told him I also attended
UW-Madison. Shawn asked me,
“where did you stay?”
I replied, “In Chadbourne on…”
Shawn instantly cut me off and
“Get out of here dude… I
did too!”
Then he asked me,
“what floor?”

The fourth floor. Shawn
replied, “Wow… don’t tell
me that you live in dorm room
I couldn’t believe
this, what a coincidence…

Now, I’m thinking what are
the odds that I would randomly
meet someone who used to live in
the exact same dorm room as me?

I asked, what do you do…
now that you have graduated with a
PhD? Shawn replied… “I’m a cab
driver in Madison.”
My mouth
instantly dropped to the floor!

Can you believe this…
Shawn’s another one of those cab
drivers with a PhD.

He Told Me StillBut what most people don’t know (and he doesn’t publicly teach) are the 7 laws
Gives Me The
Shivers Today

(capital of Wisconsin) has the
highest amount of cab drivers
with a PhDs in the United

I thought… so now were keeping
track of cab drivers with PhD’s.
I replied (sarcastically)… 

… Sure…
there’s dozens of PhD. cab
drivers zooming around Madison.
Shawn must have read my mind
when he replied, “If you
don’t believe me… just go and
ask the Dean of UW-Madison. They
keep records of all of their
graduate students.”

that didn’t surprise you, did you
know about these facts…

  • Fact #1:
    The average person takes 120-180
    days to find a job.

    That time (4 to 6 months) is
    gone… it’s impossible
    to make up for LOST TIME! Can
    you really afford to lose that
    much time?

  • Fact #2:For the average person 120-180 days is
    equivalent to losing $8,000 to
    $12,000 financially
    that’s only from an annual
    salary of $24,000 a year!

This is the reason why it’s
extremely important you make a
commitment to yourself to do
whatever is necessary to get your
desired job as soon as possible

(as long as it’s legal, moral, and
ethnical). Because today, I’m making
a personal commitment to show you
exactly how to get your
desired job!

WHY Is It Possible For
People With
PhD’s To End Up
As Cab Drivers?

Now, remember when I stated it
like getting a job is
harder than ever? Guess what,
it’s an illusion…

… Most people don’t understand
this… but… your number one
priority as a job seeker is to be
able to market, advertise, and
“sell” yourself to companies and
organizations. It’s really that
simple, but…

Here is the problem:
like most job seekers you aren’t
trained to market, advertise, and
“sell” yourself to a company or
organization. If you think you
are… than you must not be 100%
confident otherwise, you wouldn’t be
reading right now.

Who would ever imagine a person
with a PhD… driving a cab as a
profession? However, it’s possible
and it happens ALL THE TIME (as you
can clearly see from the story
above), and the reason why it
happens frequently EVERY DAY to
DOZENS of people is because…

Over 96% of people have “No Idea”
how to market themselves for
results in their job
industry. Most don’t even get a
response. While the rest get a job
they dread for the rest of
their lifes!

So why is this
happening, you ask?

The eyes of the
public are blind… 96% of all job
seekers are forever doing the same
“job search thing” as everyone else,
yet hoping for different results! In
other words, they don’t know how to
market, advertise, and “sell”
themselves to get their desired job.

Here is the solution:
the KNOWLEDGE on how to market,
advertise, and “sell” yourself to a
company or organization is how you
get the “unfair” advantage
over more talented, more
experienced, and more skilled

Why does this give
you the unfair advantage, you ask?

Because believe it
or not, most of those rare “perfect”
candidates don’t know how to market,
advertise, and “sell” themselves.
Which means they can’t “prove”
themselves as the best candidate for
the job. You see…

You haven’t been trained to sell
yourself to companies or
organizations. But… this is your
next step, it’s all about
positioning yourself as the solution
and I’m here to help you.

So you see, it
doesn’t take rocket science to get
the job you want. Matter of fact,
it’s never been easier to get a
great job if you know how to apply
the proper formula and follow the

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