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25 September, 2012

Freinds and family wants to know how to shed waistline fat in the discretion of his or her own home, and this blog post will teach just that. Have you tried all of the exercises for tummy fat but they have never worked? Have you battled with those workouts to lose stomach fat but you always end up right back where you have started? If so then you are like ninety per cent of the population. This article will give you some great tips how to shed belly fat at home and office before you even think about going to the gym.

Tip 1- Start with a good diet. The reason why so many diets fail is that people think of them as a short-term deal when really a healthy diet should be for life. Start right now by throwing out all of the junk food and replacing it with lighter alternatives. One thing that is not common knowledge is that many dieters pig out by going through fast food drive throughs when they are on their way home from work. To avoid this buy a packet of muesli bars and keep them in the car to avoid the drive through dramas.

Tip 2- combine workouts for abs and cardio exercises. You won’t have the ability to do many abs exercises if your body is not used to continued exercise, so stagger your work out with strolling. Start off gradual by simply walking for half an hour and then build up your toughness by speed walking and jogging. Alternate this with days of abs workouts to keep the body moving as well as exercising different areas.

Tip 3- These how to shed belly fat tips can be boring if you’re doing them by yourself, so tip three is to get as many people exercising with you. Get the gals over and help motivate each other through the squats and lunges, or challenge your bro’s so see who can stick to his diet the longest. Having other people around when you want to know how to lose fat on stomach will keep you motivated as well as give you someone to commiserate over.

Tip 4- Seeing your doctor will help you to get a good fitness regimen as well as set realistic goals. Let’s face it; not everyone is meant to be a size 0. For some people a size 12 is the perfect weight for them and setting unrealistic goals will serve as disappointments and can result in serious harm. Remember how to shed belly fat is meant to keep you healthy not skinny.
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