The Havanese Puppy Where Did It All Start Part 2

19 December, 2015

The Havanese Puppy- Where did it all start? Part 2

The popularity of the Havanese breed increased in Cuba
throughout the 1900’s. The Havanese breed really is the perfect
house dog that is very affectionate, good natured, and has a
beautiful silky coat. Their coat is so silky that these puppies
are referred to as “Havana Silk”.

One thing to note is, that the wealthy Cuban society loved the
Havanese not only for their Wonderful features and affectionate
nature, but also for their high intellectual capacity. The
Havanese Puppy is highly intelligent and is very skilled at
performing tricks and following commands.

Just as the Bichon breed of dogs have been circus performers for
hundreds of years. The Havanese was certainly no exception and
often danced around and performed tricks for their wealthy
owners that were entertaining and delighted guests.

The Havanese breed is instinctively great at performing which
led this breed to become a top show dog. Cubans have focused on
the show dog capabilities of the Havanese breed causing a surge
in the breed’s popularity. This popularity skyrocketed in the
late 1990’s and continues to increase.

Unfortunately such a quick rise in success and popularity of a
breed can also lead to unscrupulous breeding practices. As a
means to try and prevent and combat this issue, the Cuban Club
of the Bichon Havanese was founded in 1991. This organization
created breeding guidelines to help keep the integrity and
health of the Havanese breed in tact.

The Havanese came to America in the early 1900’s. However, the
breed didn’t catch on until the 1970’s. This rise in American
popularity can be attributed to the influx of Cubans in the
1960’s. The immigrated Cubans brought over their love and
support of this breed to the United States.

The Havanese Club of America was then founded in 1979. You can
check out more information regarding the Havanese Club of
America by going to their website.

The Havanese has been around for hundreds of years, but was
officially recognized relatively recently. For example, the
Havanese breed was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1991.
While The American Kennel Club recognized the Havanese breed in
the “Toy” category in 1996.

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