The Integrative Style of the Aria Distortion Pedal Angelicas

6 March, 2012

The Pigtronix Aria Distortion Pedal is a valuable addition to any musicians equipment set. This pedal produces, what has been described, as warm dynamic drive tones. This particular pedal by Pigtronix offers several features that allow for a creative and unique sound that this company is famous for bringing to the table. The many benefits and extras with the Aria Distortion Pedal are worth the look and the purchase of this outstanding piece of equipment.

In order to make a difference in the area of distortion pedals, a company has to make a difference in the product itself. There has to be something different or something that makes the particular pedal stand out from everything else that is flooding the market. With the Aria there is a difference in almost every aspect that sets it apart from the rest. The sound quality and signal are thick and vibrant. This allows for a smoother feel and more harmonious enhancement of the music that filters out to the perked ears in the radius of this equipment.

A speaking point that most musicians focus on when it comes to the Aria is pedal control. The pedal houses five knobs which control the mid volume, gain, high volume, low volume, and standard volume. It is designed so that the gain filters through evenly and harmoniously. When this is combined with the standard setting for the other knobs, which is at the noon position, the guitar gives off a deep natural harmonious sound quality that is considered to be smooth and sleek.

The Aria is said to be the pedal for any style of musician. It is designed to integrate into the musician with the garage style band all the way up to the top booking rock band that sells out arenas every single night. The Aria also integrates across musical forms and can benefit the smooth sound of jazz as well as the hard sound of metal. Regardless of the style of the music or the size of the band the Aria Distortion Pedal is an ideal choice to meet the challenges of each style.

pigtronix aria distortion pedal

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