The Interesting Past History of Eva Air Is Revealing

8 February, 2017

Evergreen Airways was the initial name of an airlines that eventually became EVA. When Evergreen Airways needed to change their name, all they did was take the EVA from their original name. Another airline business had the name Evergreen in it already, so they decided to change their name. EVA flies out of the island country of Taiwan and provides services to Asian and international destinations. EVA’s past history is much the same as any other airline, because they all experience similar things. EVA had financial difficulties in the middle years of the 2000s, but they have survived and are profitable, once again.

Although they are an international company, their home base is in Luzhu, Taiwan. The person responsible for the management of this international company is Chang Kuo-wei. Board members make up a secondary aspect of how this company is operated. 2011 marked a year of change for EVA with Lin Bou-shiu taking over the reins as chairman of the board. Passenger flights for EVA are a priority, but are not the only profitable aspect of this company. Other facets of this airline include Evasion travel services which is a profitable component of this company.

Reaching out into many different parts of the aviation industry, EVA is very busy. Worldwide distribution of products goes through their EVA Air Cargo subdivision. Part of their freight hauling is actually done by land and sea using Evergreen to do their distribution. EVA tries to handle every possible shipping aspect available. In regional areas near their home base of Taiwan, they also do freight hauling through their integrated network. Their engineering department allows them to repair and design airlines opposed to outsourcing smaller jobs.

EVA encountered severe financial distress beginning in 2007 as fuel prices rose by almost 35%. Higher fuel costs gave EVA big losses, but they were not the only airline company to have the same problems. Even in Taiwan, an airline like EVA, is completely at the mercy of oil prices for the continuation of the business. The airline industry is a special type of business because it is so depending on lower fuel costs to continue to operate. They employed a variety of cost saving strategies including altering and reducing flight schedules plus some staff reductions in the US.

The financial stability of EVA is a testament to their good business practices and their devotion toward expansion and being the best. The fact that this airline is still in existence, especially considering where it came from, makes it a story that should motivate most people. The airline needed to secure their operations and coverage at home in Taiwan. This company has done very well over the last few decades through mergers into a larger EVA entity comprised of many Asian carriers. Their expansion and growth is the net result of good business practice as well as maintaining domestic flights in a safe and profitable manner.

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