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24 March, 2017

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� Mental Chemistry
� Creative ProcessThese e-books are in .PDF files which you may read, print, and copy (but cannot edit or resell) using your browser’s plug-in, Adobe Acrobat Reader, or other .PDF reader. For a limited time, we are offering

� Edinburgh Lectures
� Bible Mystery

Put This Life
Changing Power

 Charles F. Haanel, Author The Master Key System “Without a doubt … This is the BEST self-development material on the planet, bar none!!” – Steve Gregor Author of Millionaires’ Wisdom and
To Work In

My name is Steve, and I speak with incredible enthusiasm regarding the value
of what you are about to discover. As I have already mentioned, in 1998,
after almost 20 years of searching for the magic formula , I happened upon
some wisdom, which if applied, will allow ordinary men and women to unlock
from within themselves the incredible power that can bring them enormous
success and wealth.

My first introduction
to the material in The Master Key System was in an over-priced MLM
opportunity. Folks were paying $1495 to get access to the wisdom from these
ancient manuscripts. One MLM closed down, another sprung up, and this time
for $495 you could have access to this same wisdom. The fact that multiple
people had access to the same information, and “claimed” to be
doing things legally, actually raised my curiosity. Sure enough, what I
discovered was that The Master Key System by Charles Haanel was
written long enough ago that the copyrights had expired on it. It was now in
the public domain. So, literally, anybody that could get their hands on it
could package it any way they wanted and also sell it for whatever they

searched pretty hard, and finally found a rare book store
on the Internet that had a copy. I paid my $89 for it, and
my wife spent considerable time doing the keystroke thing.
Now, the VERY SAME information that thousands of
folks paid $495to $1,495 to get access to, you can have for less than the cost of
a pizza
. The very same book that Amazon and others
charge $19.95 to $29.95 for, you can get for less than
the cost of a pizza
. Of course, you can also go to the
rare bookstores on the Internet and see that the price of a
copy, if any are available, has most likely risen
significantly above the $89 that I paid. Now, for a limited
time, you can have the
complete text to The Master Key
, on your desktop in just moments, for a mere $9.95 USD.

Perhaps, most fascinating,
is that the genesis of this program dates back more than 100 years. The original
writings, available only through referrals from one person to another, were
a closely guarded best seller in Europe for decades — a century ago! They
were considered essential, secret wisdom teachings amongst, primarily, only
the very wealthy — a tangible testament to the worth of the esoteric techniques
disclosed. And, if one examines even further the origins of the material,
they will discover that many of the secrets in it date back to King Solomon’s

The material was made
up of a number of teachings that held the key, in fact, the master keys,
to accessing the greatest power, knowledge, and riches. They captured the
essence of ancient principles and universal truths that could unleash an
unstoppable force within those allowed to study them. Then, Charles Haanel
captured the essence of these teachings in The Master Key System. If you are
a student of human potential, you will find it interesting that almost
every modern-day self-development-guru uses some part of The Master Key System
as the foundation for their book, program, tapes, or seminars. When you
discover the universal truths, you can’t re-write them. They remain constant
throughout all of mankind.

Just like
Napoleon Hill, considered the pioneer in the
self-attainment field, Charles Haanel studied and
researched these secrets and keys to mastering the Universe.
He took his knowledge and put it together into a twenty-four
part educational correspondence
course course that became The Master Key
He began to share these findings with some of the world’s
wealthiest people sending them a new section of the course
on a weekly basis. These wealthy people were so impressed
with the findings that they begged Charles not to go public
with The Master Key System. Charles did decide to publish
the system in book format; however, he NEVER intended for
it to be for the general public. Copies of Haanel’s
original book are rarely found today. 

How can these Old World
teachings of the past centuries remain so relevant today? Because they go
far beyond the walls of circumstance and time, and they reach deep into the
heart of the creating of one’s quality of life. With The Master Key System,
you will discover the unchanged, age-old, fundamental principles that govern
our future and make all the difference in the degree of success achieved —
or forfeited.

Many of today’s success
experts explore the periphery of these principles, but only in The Master
Key System
self-study course will you find such laser-like precision in
setting forth the profound principles and requirements for acquiring and
sustaining wealth, health, and happiness – starting NOW. True review and
questions and answers compliment our version of The Master Key System
and bring the information current and relevant as we move through the 21st

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