The Mortgage Crisis and Who Is Responsible

19 March, 2015

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Are you confused about mortgages? Good. At least you know you are confused. The collapse of the world economy can, in broad strokes, be laid at the feet of three parties; the Federal Reserve, mortgage lenders, and American home buyers. But the Federal Reserve Bank should carry most of the blame. I’ve found a nice article about geld lenen met bkr in Dutch.

It was the Federal Reserve Bank, and only the Federal Reserve, that was responsible for increasing the ratio between how much money a bank had on deposit and how much it could lend to 30-1. When Jon Stewart repeatedly asked Jim Cramer, “Who thought a 30-1 leverage was a good idea?” he was referring to the Federal Reserve upping the deposit-to-loan ratio to 30-1 for American banks. The answer to who did it, Jon, is: The Federal Reserve Bank. President Barack Obama’s failure to replace Ben Bernake at Treasury and the failure of Congress to set about replacing the Federal Reserve Banking System are unconscionable.

Mortgage brokers tried selling a subprime mortgage to any prospect that had a pulse. With interest rates at historic lows (until now, and God help us), mortgages were made to people that mortgage brokers knew could not afford the payments if interest rates were to return to their historic averages.

These shaky mortgages were then bundled and sold to financial firms as ‘asset backed paper,’ the now infamous ‘toxic assets’ we, the taxpayer, are buying from the banks. An other word for a so called toxic asses is a liability. And that’s what the governement is buying. Your tax money is being used to the American government.

And lastly are the people who bought homes they couldn’t afford, and then started whining that they didn’t know they had an adjustable rate mortgage. I know that’s harsh, but it is the truth. Does that sound pessimistic? Good, because if you are not pessimistic now, you are a fool.

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