The Most Treacherous Industry in America Dianes

12 July, 2012

Loaded with Christmas trees for the time of year, a tractor-trailer skidded out of control and slid off the interstate closing a access ramp on Interstate 80, in Des Moines. The trailer was on the exit ramp to Interstate 80/35 roughly three a.m., law enforcement said. The highway was rain-slicked and it commenced slipping. The trailer fishtailed and rolled over with it’s Christmas tree cargo.”U. SAUCON TWP.
“SPRINGFIELD – The driver of a tractor-trailer truck backed into a 58 year-old Post Office employee last night at the loading dock of the mail distribution facility on Brookdale Drive, killing him, according to law enforcement”.

“LAFAYETTE, La. — Two small girls, who apparently couldn’t sleep, got out of the bed they shared less than a half-hour prior to a tractor-trailer crashed through their bedroom.”
“Motorists might have been driven bananas over the years by Route 119, but perhaps none more than John Q. Jones. Jones, 52, of Garland, Texas, was driving a tractor-trailer Monday while it overturned and spilled its 22-ton freight of bananas.”
“WEST PALM BEACH – The Florida highway Patrol reported a 12,000 pound apparatus fell off of a flatbed rig on Interstate 95’s southbound lanes leaving personnel dashing to repair the damage.

This is just a small example of the huge number of trucking accident reports reported every day accross the country.

Driver fatigue, larger, unstable loads, defective equipment or unsafe vehicle operation is the reason given for an 10% increase in deadly crashes from 1999 to 2009.

It’s important to the economy and to the growth of the trucking industry to keep truckers on the road delivering goods to America. In 2008, big trucks hauled over nine billion tons of freight transported in the US, according to the ATA American Trucking Association. Trucking revenues are forecasted to double last year’s $710 billion by 2015.
Here are some tips to help protect the drivers around you and keep you on the road.

Safety Tips for Truck Drivers

Motorists may well not understand that you need to swing wide to the left to make a right turn and they might not understand that you are turning so double-check your mirrors before turning right.

In heavy traffic, motorists who drive alongside the truck may well not see your turn signal. Signal early and often when maneuvering all the way through and around intersections. Signaling early gives motorists the information they need to decide whether or not to pull alongside you.

Don’t tailgate. It makes motorists uneasy to have 80,000 pounds of truck on their rear bumper.

Leave extra space between your truck and cars around you whenever possible. many motorists don’t know how long it takes a truck to stop or how much room you need to pass safely.

Use proper parking areas while pulling off the road. Trucks are four times more likely to be rear-ended than cars. It is especially imperative to use designated parking areas while possible. If you can’t do this, pull completely off the highway and set out flares, safety triangles or other devices to alert other drivers. Click here to get a free truck insurance quote.

June 30 2010

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You may easily do all this by choosing from one of the numerous themes to design the web presence. This can be a wonderful way to continue to keep anyone educated concerning what’s going on, and they are a great exercise for you and your fiance.

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June 26 2010

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June 26 2010

On June 7th 2010, Apple finally announced the iPhone 4. I quickly fell in love. I currently have the iPhone 3GS, but this does not compare to the iPhone 4. The new iPhone 4 is smaller, with longer battery life with a lot more resolution as well! The new face talk feature is awesome. The price of the iPhone 4 starts at $199 for the 16GB model, while the 32GB model costs about $299. I really want the iPhone 4, but it is just too expensive. Good thing I found this iPhone 4 free giveaway site that is actually allowing contestants to have a chance to win a free iPhone 4. I am very excited and hope I win. Since the more people that enter, the more iPhones they are able to give out, I have invited everyone I know to this giveaway. Hopefully I or one of my friends win!

June 25 2010

Information in relation to Alicante Airport Spain

The past of Alicante airport Spain is rather significant. It is without doubt one of the leading airports in Spain. This airport was some time ago referred to as the La Rabassa and it accommodated Alicante, but in 1967 the La Rabassa was changed. It swiftly become popular and commenced to reach over a million traffic passengers a year within a really small period of time.

The airport wanted to accommodate more passengers, subsequently they had to add an additional passenger terminal in 1970. This was an incredibly essential procedure for that airport to grow and aid the requirements of passengers. Now the Alicante airport has presently two terminals, nevertheless because of the rising quantity of passenger passage the airport will have to develop and get bigger.

Alicante airport is presently under construction and is adding an innovative new terminal that will help assist the soaring number of passengers. The terminal is expected to be finished in 2011. Basically growing the number of passengers is a huge aim for the airport and volume of passengers it is expected to accommodate after the completion of a terminal will probably be an impressive 8 million more visitors.

The new terminal will have in excess of 90 check-in desks, which will definitely have the ability to accommodate the big increasing requirement of customers and create more opportunities for locals around the area. The modern terminal will benefit the airport along with its tourists immensely.

Alicante airport has exceptional shopping for every single one travelers. If someone is anticipating a trip and has some time to spare, have a good look around at all of the airport has to recommend. It has shops from necklaces, frills, toys, lipstick, in addition to tobacco. Foodstuff can also be available for those that are interested in having a bite to eat, making a tourists stay more pleasing. The easy to comprehend routes will effortlessly help a vacationer discover whatsoever they seek within the airport.

This airport is also renowned for its exceptional customer service. They accommodate vacationer aided by the most accommodating information, so they will be able to arrive at where they’re going with simplicity. If a traveler needs to book a car they might simply contact vehicle hire for transport services, or else if a voyager requests assistance finding accommodations nearby the airport the customer support unit is present to help.
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June 24 2010

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June 23 2010

Is wine your first love? The first aerators were not very effective. It took a little time to realize that the glass and the aerator needed to balance each other.

There is no substitute for a glass of perfectly aerated wine. Most will also agree that blending the glass and the aerator into one complete breathing system
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The most promising aerators for wine are designed to site atop the best glasses, but without any damage to the glass. This design brings together the wineglass and the aerator in perfect balance, no matter what size, shape, or curve of glass is used.

The Wine Weaver is rather unique, as it is the gentlest and the smoothest wine aerator available today.

Experiencing an incredible glass of wine is one of life’s true pleasures. After a long day, it’s all some people desire. Make sure your next glass is of high quality with the right wine aerator.

June 22 2010

Is debt overwhelming you? Do you have sleepless nights, wondering how you can get your paycheck to last longer? Or have you hit bottom and completely lost your job and your income? Drowning in debts can be a terrible nightmare. If this sounds like you, there are options and one of those options is debt settlement. If you decide on debt settlement, you can hire a debt settlement company, or you can try to manage the settlement of your own debts. This is your choice. Debt settlement is paying a portion of the debt you owe to each creditor. These creditors then erase the rest of your debts after they accept your payment. The remaining balance is put on file with credit bureaus, and you’ll lose some points in your credit rating. The good news is no more hassle being hounded to pay. This is the perfect time to start to rebuild your credit. Usually, this method is most effective if you’re dealing with credit cards and medical bills or other unsecured debt. While not impossible, this method usually doesn’t work with secured debts. Any debt that’s associated with an asset is a ’secured debt’. If this debt payment is defaulted on, your assets are used to compensate for the leftover debt. Debt consolidation and management

June 19 2010

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June 18 2010

I just have to talk about this new craze about Power balance wristbands and what they can do. It seems every where I go now, someone is wearing one. From old to young, they all seem to buy in to the idea that they give more energy, better balance amongst other things. I personally am a little more sceptical but have just purchased one as I couldnt resist it. I cant tell for sure but I do seem to have a good amount of energy since wearing it….strange. I also bought my son one which he loves and now all his friends want one aswell. I was lucky to find a site that sells Power balance wristbands on offer. I may buy a few more as little gifts for friends and friends kids. I have to admit that they are cool little things and you bearly notice that your actually wearing them because they are so light and flexible.

June 16 2010

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