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29 October, 2012

Who doesn’t remember George and Jane Jetson? The futuristic cartoon characters had 2 children, a dog named “Astro” and the relatively outdated robot, “Rosie”. By all accounts, Jane was an excellent wife and mother, however we are led to believe that she in no way worked over a hot stove cooking meals; she merely pushed a switch and lunch was complete. Once in a while, we watched her young lad, Elroy, glide in and consume a complete meal by swallowing a tablet no larger than a common vitamin tablet, prior to gliding out once again.

It looks like Elroy’s out-of-this-world approach to eating breakfast is the right remedy for today’s quick-paced world. Maybe it’s my passion for the cosmos, or maybe it is simply my zeal for retro cartoons, but I have been keenly scanning the shelves of the supermarket for any hint of Elroy’s ultramodern ‘miniaturized meal’. If you are like me, you completely enjoy eating a delicious meal, however there are more occasions than not that I would have a preference to “slug back” my meal within a couple of seconds so that I am able to continue moving forward with my night…or my day. Maybe I’ve got ‘Elroy Envy’. The closest products I have found are the liquid protein vials. They’re not quite as small as a vitamin capsule, and they’re not a three course meal – maybe that’s next — however, they are certainly a step in the correct direction.

May 28 2010

Let’s suppose you’ve made the decision to make beats online! Congratulations on your new hobby! Making beats online can save you lots of time and money, and you will still have complete freedom to create music and test the extent of your talent!

Next up, you’re now prepared to create your music in a digital format, but how can you begin? Keep reading to discover what you need to know about making beats online

There are a few things that you should definitely be aware of when you are starting out composing beats online. First of all, decide on a music style. Is the song you’re composing slow or fast? Is your personal style evident in the music you will create? Do you have a genre in mind?

If you prefer some dance pop beats then you might need to utilize bass lines and sound effects that differentiate your music from rap and jazz. This is your first step: identify the perfect tempo for your music. The tempo refers to how fast or slow you want your music to be. The good news is that you can easily play around with the pace of your tempo using the music software of your choice.

You have to have a set idea for what kind of music you’re creating to make it easier for you to create music online. One of the things I like most about being able to make beats online is that you can let your imagination loose and create all you want without worrying about studio fees.

However, you still must have direction in terms of the music you’re creating. Otherwise you could drive yourself crazy with all of the options you could play with!

There’s a crucial thing you need to know when you make beats online is to really be aware of the different parts of the drum so that you can really get creative with the drum sounds so you can create the perfect sound for yourself.

Your genius will show in the way you mix the sounds of the bass line and the drums. Think of it as using a live drum set; the software you’re using will offer several ways to get the perfect sound you want to create.

The basics are as follows. The bass will create the deep and low sounds, which denotes the timing of the other sounds. The bass line beat is the first thing to think about to start creating music. Cymbal sounds can fill the gaps in the timing, while snare sounds will maintain it.

Once you have completed the programming of your bass line, you can now go ahead and modify the other sounds to your heart’s content. Try adding in a voice or audio loop to improve your music.

This basic knowledge is enough for you to start making music. Go crazy inventing sounds that only you can put out; and start to make beats online!

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May 27 2010

Earning cash inside Warcraft has for all time been very straightforward for me. So many players make it tricky whilst it does not really need to be. It really is reminiscent of a lot of other things in life. You find something that works and you stick to it. You are not trying to reinvent the wheel at this time. So many players laughed at me throughout the Vanilla Wow at which time I purchased a gold guide although that guide has saved me 100s perhaps even 1,000s of hrs of farming. I mock those gamers who remain soaring in circles farming ore or herbs when I use an hr on the auction house two or three times a week and earn thrice the moolah they do.

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May 22 2010

Adam and I was searching for a copay plan for me and the kids, and he found this health insurance agent’s blog. It was near us in Lebanon. I checked it out and we found it much easier to understand than we were used to!

We looked around and thought we would contact the broker off the website.

The agent is a joy to talk to. He makes health insurance easier to comprehend.
My Husband and I had him send health insurance quotes and Brook sent really quick. Me and Adam were happy the insurance was less than I budgeted for!
We emailed him back a day later to get my medical insurance.
Me and My Husband had a great experience and we recommend him to you!
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May 21 2010

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