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24 April, 2011

Does someone else remember ‘The Jetsons’? “Meet George Jetson….Jane, his wife…” The futuristic cartoon characters had two children, a dog “Astro” and the relatively obsolete android, “Rosie”. Jane was an outstanding wife and mother, however by every set of accounts, we are led to believe that she by no means worked over a sizzling stove cooking meals; she simply pressed a switch and lunch was ready to go. Infrequently, we watched her young boy, Elroy, glide into the home and eat a whole meal by ingesting a pill no larger than an ordinary vitamin capsule, prior to gliding away from home once again.

Elroy’s out-of-this-world method to meals seems like the prescription for today’s speedy-paced world. Perhaps it’s my passion for retro cartoons, or maybe it’s merely my zeal for outer space, but I’ve been eagerly perusing the shelves of the supermarket for any hint of Elroy’s ultramodern ‘teeny-tiny breakfast’. If you’re similar to me, you thoroughly enjoy eating a satisfying meal, but there are more occasions than not that I would prefer to “slug back” my meal in a couple of moments so that I can continue going with my day…or my night. Maybe I’ve got ‘Elroy Envy’. The nearest things I have found are the protein shot vials. They are not exactly as little as a vitamin tablet, and they are not a total meal – perhaps that is coming next — but, they’re certainly a move in the correct direction.

January 03 2011

For those of you that are good at to try new desserts, here is one from Brazil.

It is easy to make and tastes awesome. You can create it in no time and show off to your friends that you can make international desserts.

On this website is a recipe for a brazilian dessert generally known as pave pineapple.

1 Big pineapple
1 can sweetened condensed milk
Regular Milk
2 tbsp tablespoonscornmeal
1 can table cream without serum keep in the refrigerator until completely ready to use
4 eggs seperate the whites and the yolks
2 packages of biscuits Champagnelady fingers

For Coverage Mixture:
4 egg whites whippedbeaten stiff
4 tablespoons sugar
1 can table cream without the serum.
Mix all together

How To Prepare:
Chop the pineapple into slices and save. In a saucepan, place the eggs yolks only, condensed milk, 2 can fulls of regular milk and cornmeal. Bring to a simmer stirring constantly until thickened. Keep back just a little pineapple to trim.

In a oven safe dish, alternate layers of biscuit soaked in milk and layers of cream and the pineapple. Then Spread the coverage mixture over the top. gussy up with pineapple and chocolate shavings and refrigerate for at the least six hours a bit before serving.

For more Brazilian Recipes click below.

Brasilian Recipes

January 03 2011

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January 02 2011

Honey is a excellent acid reflux remedy to start with. For the reason that gerd reflux disease is caused by the damaged tissue of the sphincter and esophagus, you are able to start to mend the tissue now by swallowing 3 teaspoons of honey per day. Swallow 1 teaspoon a honey before bed and 2 additional times at some point in the day. Actually, honey is a fantastic remedy for healing all types of tissue.

Start off your reflux remedy now by only ingestion foods that are soft as well as moist for the first few. Soft meals will travel to the stomach to a great extent easier permitting your esophagus and sphincter to commence healing. Avoid any hard crunchy foods for those first few days.

Another easy thing one can do is drink lots of water. The advantages of having water are abundant. Water should provide the sphincter a tight seal over the stomach leaving less of a probability that stomach acid will be refluxed up. Also, water can also promote tissue cells to reproduce more rapidly as well.

A particularly good home remedy is apple cider vinegar. But, apple cider vinegar tastes bad so you can use water to dilute it and add a little honey to better the taste taste. A teaspoon of apple cider vinegar will increase the acid amounts in your stomach and enable better food digestion.

Finally, an apple is also a great basic treatment. Lots of reflux sufferers have replaced their antacids with slices of red apples. Have a piece of red apple whenever you sense the reflux coming up. Cut up an apple in the morning and place it in a Ziploc bag for the day.

acid reflux relief

January 02 2011

Traffic generation is an incredibly crucial part to the success of any website or blog. So you have a great product and great-looking website. But without traffic, your effort has gone to the gutter… Worries about what to do? Here are
some tips about how to generate real traffic.

1. Guest Blogging:

Unfortunately, so many online marketers don’t use this very efficient tool. Guest blogging is simply to write blog posts as a guest in other people’s blog. As simple as that.Many guest bloggers add significant content on famous blogs for free.It’s a win win situation between the guest blogger and the blog owner as it helps the blog owner to have a consistent flow of information on his or her blog and helps the guest blogger get exposure and traffic to his or her website.

However, the quality of your content is extremely important.When you want to guest blog, you must think that the quality of your content is a make or break for your potential traffic.If you only post copied or useless content, nobody will click on your links.You should make your readers want to read more of your content by bringing them value.

2. Forum Marketing:

Forums are a great way to stand out from the crowd. But simply existing will no make the readers subscribe to you.

You should engage in conversations that are related to your niche. The quality of your content should be useful to your readers. You can find forums all over the internet. If you struggle, just do a Google search. Don’t forget to write the keyword followed by the word “forum”. Once you find a forum in your niche, all you need to do is just sign up, create a signature and start engaging in conversations. Don’t forget to give tremendous value first before thinking of making money online.

3. Video Marketing:

Video marketing is today’s fastest method to drive traffic to your website. That is because it reaches target audience faster than any other traffic generating method. Statistics have proven that every person who has access to the internet spends an average of 27 minutes watching a video online every single day.
If you have a tutorial about something, make a video out of it and post it on YouTube and other video syndication sites. The more videos you post in different websites, the more exposure you will get. However, you should make sure you tag your videos with the right keywords related to your niche and don’t forget to put a link to your website. Once again, value is key.

There are many ways out there to generate traffic to your website. Some of them might work for you and some of them might not depending on your niche. The three simple tips above are the best, fastest and easiest strategies that can work for any type of niche. Just remember, whatever you do, don’t forget to deliver quality content and value. This is the key to success online; or in any field for that matter.

If you would like to learn more efficient traffic strategies, CLICK HERE!

January 01 2011

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