The Razor Blade Game

5 August, 2014

The Razor Blade GameIt seems like every time we turn on the TV we see some commercial about disposable razor blades.  Each one has some pitch about a smooth close shave.  I started taking note of some of the different names and checked out the prices at my local Wal-Mart.  It soon became apparent that razor blades are big business for the companies that make them.

The prices of razor blades has risen a great deal in the last 10 years.  Once you buy a particular model of razor, you are stuck buying the respective blades.  Even for simple razors, like the now dated Gillette Sensor, blades can cost almost $2 per disposable blade.  Considering a blade only lasts for a couple weeks, the yearly investment in blades can easily reach over $100.

I started to get creative with my approach to shaving, and tried a couple of the generic brands for my Gillette Sensor razor.  While I typically am a big fan of generic products, these blades did not do the job of the normal Gillette blades.

Trying another approach, I bought a device called “Save a Blade” which is supposedly a razor blade sharpener.  I purchased it off EBAY because like most items, there is always an auction running for the item.  The item plus shipping was less than $8 dollars. 

The “Save a Blade” actually seems to work okay.  I sharpen my blade after 2 or 3 times of shaving and it definitely keeps the blades sharper for a longer period of time.  A typical blade usually lasts me about 2 weeks, but by using the “Save a Blade” I can usually go 4 to 5 weeks per blade and still get a good shave.  If you consider a package of my blades costs around $10 for 5 blades, the “Save a Blade” will pay for itself with just one package of blades. 

I do not know how the “Save a Blade” works with other types of disposable blades, but it supposedly does not matter what type.  As the companies that continue to make higher end disposable razor blades continue to raise prices, it’s nice to have a product that can help you increase the life of each blade.

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