The Secret Ingredient in Onion Rings Clarissas

12 November, 2011

Golden brown fried onion rings have, as far back as I can remember, been a treat that is embraced by just about every person on the face of the earth. Some are far superior to others.

If a diner has a top notchedgolden brown fried onion ring on its menu, then the establishment can concentrate its entire business around it.In essence, there is a big chain that has a fried onion ring that I have heard many people boast about. The taste of those onion rings is reminiscent of the olden days, when drive ins were popular, and when foods tasted good., when life was easy and simple.

We at foodmazing.com want to share a recipe for onion rings that will just melt in your mouth.

I have been making onion rings for a long time, and I have absolutely come up with a recipe that I believe brings back that old flavor.I am anxious to explain to you some of the tips I have stumbled upon.

First, fried onion ring batter must never be dry. Instead, it should be damp and a little thick.Dry batter for fried chicken is fine, but I do not recommend it for onion rings.The moist batter sticks to the onion much better, and this is most significant because you need to have the entire raw onion ring coated in batter before sinking it into the hot oil in the deep fryer.Besides that, in my onion ring formula, the taste centers around one specific additive that quite frankly would not be the same if the onion rings were made from dry batter.Without delay, I am ready to let you know the secret ingredient.the fried onion rings that one-of-a-kind flavor that With this ingredient added to the recipe, you will definitively crave these delicious rings.That hidden ingredient is, pure vanilla extract.I know this may seem bizarre, but it is not. In the future, it would not surprise me if you have delicious golden brown fried onion rings with your hamburger instead of french fries.


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