The Secrets to Home Decorating Success

30 July, 2015

  • Discover
    the secrets to

    buying beautiful curtains for bay windows.

  • Get
    inspiring ideas for creating themes for boys and girls rooms.

  • Learn
    the best ways to use accessories like icing on a cake.

  • How
    to work with paint colors on walls when working with wood laminates.

  • See
    the best way to paint over textured wood paneling and ceilings.

  • Discover
    the differences between Chinese and Japanese oriental interiors.

  • Simple
    techniques to give your living room a boost when working with pine
    tables and  bookshelves.

  • Get
    tips and ideas for furniture arrangements when working with L-shaped
    living rooms.

  • Learn
    how to decorate fireplaces with simple accessories like candles, and
    other ornaments.

  • Learn
    how to stop struggling with small rooms and spaces and learn how to
    make them feel larger than they actually are.

  • The
    secrets to making your bedroom elegant and classy working with
    quilts and bedding.

  • Tips
    on blending antiques with contemporary furnishings and design.

  • Learn
    the secrets to coordinating colors for curtains with bedding.

  • Tips
    on working with window treatments and draping fabrics.

  • Discover
    the absolute best room arrangements for proper balance and look.

  • How
    to quickly get Asian inspired themes for apartments and great rooms.

  • Simple
    strategies for working with wall hangings such as pictures and
    tapestries to help create style.

  • How
    to bring life using bold colors without replacing your furnishings.

  • Tips
    on arranging walk-in closets with high shelving.

  • How
    to arrange furniture in a large room with lots of windows.

  • How
    to work with overhead spaces in places like kitchen cabinets without
    making it look tacky.

  • Learn
    how to work with tile flooring by avoiding the hum drum tile
    patterns everyone else is using.  

  • How
    to combine multiple decorating styles in the same room.

  • The
    best way to decorate and arrange a home office for functionality and

  • Learn
    what to do with ceramic floor tiles that you just don’t like.

  • How
    to create stunning backdrops against the wall over your bed as well
    as what colors and fabrics to use.

  • How
    to coordinate clashing colors to make them harmonize.

  • Discover
    simple storage ideas for working with closets, pantries, and sheds
    to un-clutter your life.

  • The
    most important things you should know before you ever start
    decorating a room.

  • How
    to use sofa slipcovers in a warm and inviting way.

  • What
    to do with empty spaces above fireplace mantels.

  • Discover
    the key questions you should ask to help you personalize your rooms.

  • Tips
    on accessorizing an entertainment center to make it look attractive.

  • How to easily analyze and assess your existing design space.

  • Discovering your personal decorating style.

  • Identifying the focal point(s) in your room.

  • How your life style affects your design concept.

  • Space planning and what you should know.

  • The art of using your existing room�s scale and proportion to
    your advantage.

  • How to create harmony, unity and balance in your space.

  • The main difference between aesthetical and functional and how to
    use both.

  • The secrets of color concepts.

  • How to define the traffic patterns of your room.

  • The difference between symmetrical and asymmetrical and which to
    use in your room.

  • What you should know about furniture placement.

  • How to work with doors, columns, and windows.

  • The essentials of selecting the right lighting, lamps, and lamp

  • The insider secrets to selecting colors and patterns for your
    decorating needs.

  • Learn how to create great color schemes for warm and inviting

  • How to properly display art in your living room, family
    room and

  • How to arrange your dining room.  

  • How to create gorgeous bed ensembles with luxurious bed linen and

  • How to create stunning first impressions with foyers and entryways.

  • What to do with archways that will impress your friends and

  • How to decorate with conversational groupings.

  • How to accent with pillows in your living room or family room.

  • Should you wallpaper or paint?

  • How to use borders to add stunning decorative effects.

  • How to decorate with fireplaces and fireplace mantles.

  • How furniture should be arranged around the fireplace.

  • How many focal points should you have in one room?

  • How to arrange conversational groupings in large spaces for maximum

  • Achieving the right balance of beauty and functionality.

  • How to create safe traffic patterns while maintaining form,
    function, and beauty.

  • How to use screens to create privacy, intimacy, and beauty.

  • How to turn small spaces into spectacular picture perfect vignettes.

  • How to mask unsightly room elements and add charm to any room.

  • How to use architectural elements to make them work for you and not
    against you.

  • Real or silk plants? How to accessorize with plant accents.

  • How to create beautiful, eye catching niches or recessed areas.

  • Creating beautiful spa bathrooms to relax in.

  • Choosing bathroom fixtures and furniture.

  • Using plush bathroom towels and rugs as accents and color.

  • How to choose oriental rugs for size and color in your
    interior space.

  • Kitchen design: 
    do�s and don�t for spectacular kitchens.

Every detail is specifically covered so
you will know
exactly what to do.

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