The Seven Secrets

16 December, 2015

Dear Friend,

Are you are sick
and tired of not having enough money left foryou
at the end of month?

Do you have to decide whichbilltopayfirst because you can�t afford to pay them all?
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Maybe you’ve had to order from a restaurant menu based on price
rather than whatyou’dlike to eat?

Have you wanted to buythingsforyourchildrenorlovedones but don’t
because you don�t have the money?

Except for the very wealthy,
everyone has faced
something like this…  But only a relative few have found
thewayto turn
that frustration around and attractabundance
into their lives.

For a long time the secrets of
how to make greatmoney has been kept in the hands of
the privileged few.  They don’t want you
to know how to do it because it doesn’t serve them
They aren’t interested in your difficulties or life so don’t bother
asking them for help. 

Your struggles are their opportunities
so none of them will teach you how to become wealthy or attract
abundance… except one of them (a rags to riches millionaire called
Stuart Goldsmith) broke the code of silence and by following his
rules and guidance I
learned how to attract abundance and wealth into my life
, and
can learn exactly what I learned too…

In a few moments I am going to explain how I did
it. And how you can become one of the people who also turns
disappointment into success, pride and and freedom.

First of all let me tell you how I
discovered the knack of attracting abundance into my life and the
lives of my family and friends….

Six years ago I arrived into this country an
immigrant.  My wife and I had two bags and six cardboard boxes
filled with our photographs, books clothes and memories.

We had nowhere to live
and so my wife’s brother
agreed to let us sleep on a sofa-bed in his kitchen.  It was
great to have somewhere to stay but you can imagine how quickly the
welcome grew thin… it’s not easy having people living in your

Soon my wife got work but I had trouble, my
qualifications weren’t recognised by the government soI
couldn’t get a job.  I was stuck, either retrain, work in a
dead end job… or I could start a business!

While the house was quiet I began to dream
about owning a business of my own.  I imagined how great it
would be to run a large company, to drive a flash BMW, own a stylish
4 bedroom home and make hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But who was I kidding, I had
noqualificationsandnobusinessbackground.  I’d been a social worker back home,
here I was in
a new country, I had no network or connections.

Just at that point a friend of mine sent me a
book that would changemylife .

This small crumpled book only
contained 80 or so pages but the wisdom and guidance that was
contained in those pages were literally diamonds and pearls to me…

After reading the book, I knew the exact business
I wanted to run and I knew exactly what I needed to get started…

The next step was to find a place to live where
we could have some space and I could begin my dream!

To cut a long story short, we wound up in a damp
dreary house owned by an old priest
who used to drop by for a meal
every now and again!  Not exactly what I had in mind but at
least we had some space to get started.

I set up my office in a back bedroom of this tiny
damp house
.  I had a desk, a chair, a phone, a diary and a note
book – that was it!

My business was mail order and I was going to
sell relaxation products (Ok I know it’s not microsoft but it was a
start!)  I enrolled in a class at a local community centre
where a group of us were being taught a therapy technique.  In
the breaks I would talk about the wonderful products I sold. 
And Thought…
“I Hate Not
Having Enough Money”?
Dear Friend,
Are you are sick
and tired of not having enough money left for you
at the end of month?
Do you have to decide which bill to pay
first because you can�t afford to
The Seven Secrets of The Millionaires” Book…
� Ten Steps To Making YOU A Millionaire.
� The Four Stages To Success.
� The Nine Essential Wealth Facts.
� The Secret Of Happiness.
� What
As soon as someone expressed an interest I would get my wife to
print of a sales letter and brochure at work and I would mail it to
the interested person.

Eventually from that
small and naive beginning the money began to flow in.

Fast forward six years…

I now run several small
businesses from home.  It’s quite a different home these days
though.  I now own a sixbedroomdreamhomeoverlookingtheocean
We have 15,000 people on our database and we send them much more
than relaxation products and they help me to live my dreams by
sending me lotsofmoney.

My greatest joy these
days is teaching other people how to turn their fortunes around. 
How to become debt free, wealthy to live the life they dream
of and I teach them how to do it by following in my footsteps. 

I could tell you how
difficult it was for me, how I struggled against great odds and what
a hero I am… but the truth is that it’s all been really quite simple. 

All I did was follow the instructions in that old crumpled book. 
And the rewards have been fabulous…

I have the life that I dreamed
; The big house, new cars, several overseas holidays each year and
lots of money.  Most importantly though, I have lots of time to
spend with my wife and daughter whenever I choose because I have the
freedom of working from my own home.

By the way here are
a few comments from some of the people I have helped…

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