The Significance of Results Based Leadership

17 February, 2017

Being a leader is one of the most important roles that you can have in an organization. And it is not enough that you are directing and motivating your team – you must also be able to influence them to deliver results. In this way, you, as a leader, can also become more effective in delivering the expected results, if not exceeding them. And by now you might be asking if results based leadership can be learned or if you need to be born with one. There is no point in think about it – you must take a step closer towards learning more about the kind of leadership that delivers results.

As a start, it is best that you learn more about this concept before anything else. Several management experts have given their own understanding and definition of results based leadership. Among the most popular ones include its being one of the most significant statements on the very definition and importance of leadership. Another popular definition of this concept is having a relentless emphasis on results, wherein leaders must work towards excellence in both their attributes and results made. And in doing so, each of these two factors multiplies each other – they do not stack.

You might be asking why it helps to focus on results based leadership. The answer is quite simple: most leadership styles lack focus on results. Many of them give more attention to the organizational capabilities of a leader – his or her direction, adaptability and values. In other cases, the focus is more on exemplary leadership competencies like character, vision, and trust. There is nothing wrong with all these but the gap between these important capabilities and results must be bridged.. And this is exactly what results-based leadership is all about. It is about determining how these exemplary organizational capabilities, as well as leadership competencies, can lead to the desired or expected results.

The benefits of this kind of leadership cannot be discounted. It defines results through understanding the needs of the customers, as well as of the team. It helps leaders at different and all levels to deliver results, freeing productivity from the constraints posed by the hierarchy and limitations set by positions.

There are several other benefits that can be gained from results based leadership, and it might be high time for you to learn more about it. Keep an open mind and start working towards this kind of leadership.

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