The Strongest Settings to Look for When Shopping for Engagement Rings in Hartford

19 April, 2014

When you are shopping for engagement rings in Hartford, you are going to want to know about which settings are the sturdiest. It is a woman’s worst nightmare to lose a stone from one of the most important pieces of jewelry that she will ever own. It is most often the case that the two of you are going to be on complete opposite sides of the spectrum during the shopping experience. In general, the bride is going to be thinking about the best rings to show off to her friends, and the groom is going to be thinking about how to protect his investment with sturdy settings.

So to the grooms, this one’s for you! It’s time for you to learn about which settings can take the most abuse so that you can avoid having an upset bride if she were to lose a stone someday in the future. Here’s what you should keep in mind when shopping for engagement rings in Hartford:

Bezel Settings

This is a very sturdy setting that will not block the view of the diamond. With this setting you will get a band made of some sort of metal wrapped around your diamond. This will most commonly be a round brilliant diamond. There will be a hole in the ring itself, but the band is what keeps the diamond in place. The band also helps to keep the diamond from snagging on things, such as clothing. This is the perfect setting for a bride who is very active.

Prong Settings

This is actually the most popular type of setting due to the fact that it is constantly being used with a solitaire diamond. Prong settings do get snagged on clothing, so they tend to have a reputation for being a bit problematic. The thing is these are very sturdy settings, especially when you get the ones that have 6 prongs. The actual setting itself will generally consist of 4-6 prongs which will have a claw shape to them, and they will cover the corners and edges of the diamond. This will essentially lock the diamond into place.

Flush Settings

Out of all of the settings, these are the sturdiest and the most protective. The drawback is that they do obscure the diamond a bit, since the top is the only part that is visible. It is very important to know that even though this is the most protective setting, you still need to be careful because if there is even a little bit of an error in the process of boring the hole the diamond is going to sit wrong. If this happens it is highly likely that it will end up falling out.

Tension Settings

These are pretty strong settings. The reason why is because the entire ring is actually the setting, rather than having the setting be separate and then attaching it to the ring. These rings hardly ever fall apart, and you can use them without having to be worried about any incidents.

When you are shopping for engagement rings in Hartford, be sure that you find a setting that will protect the investment you are making, while at the same time giving your fianc something stunning to show off to her friends!

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