The Stupidly Simple Seo process that rocked the IM World Courtneys

18 February, 2010

There’s a sleepy little hamlet at the foot of a mountain range in Scotland. In that village lives a quiet unasuming man who has been quietly raking in a dependable, ever-growing cash on-line making use of absolutely nothing but cost-free 1 web page websites that take less than ten minutes to create.

The guys name is Phil Henderson and he’s finally agreed to unharness his Stupidly Simple Seo method to the general public.

Phil hasn’t reinvented the wheel here; no he’s basically took a proven concept and made it superior.

You may have heard the tale about Colonel Harland Sanders, yes the guy who provided us KFC. Well what you may perhaps not know is the “secret” recipe wasn’t often a wonderful hit, in reality Colonel Sanders recipe was turned down no less than one-thousand and nine times before it wasaccepted!

Now his original formula was good; on the other hand, there was something missing from the magical 10 herb and spice mix later to become the trademark 11 formulation.

Salt!! Yep the 11th component was nothing much more than very humble Sea Salt! The use of this 1 ingredient was the distinction between one-thousand and ten failures or the MASSIVE achievement KFC enjoy’s these days!

The Stupidly Simple Seo system gives you all of the components including the miraculous “11th ingredient”…

If you’ve ever looked at traditional Website positioning systems, work-books or courses; you’ll have observed that they’re full of jargon, industry terminology, complicated and technical processes. Well, fear not, the Stupidly Simple Seo technique breaks down each step into an effortless to fully grasp, step-by-step, easy to follow technique even a six year old child could recognize and put into action.

I’ll be up front, this is not true Search engine marketing; nonetheless, in the event you look at the core motive of Web optimization it’s this, “to get a internet site ranked highlywithin the search engines so possible visitors and buyers can uncover you”.

The Stupidly Simple Seo system delivered…

3 on Google for a very competitive and profitable Forex Trading search phrase
5 out of 12.5 million for an MP3 player based search phrase
1 for a targeted “local search” phrase that brought in 60 new prospects inside of 12 hours!
7 out of 22.5 million for a childrens book related research phrase

Here’s his story…

“I had been playing about with the usual methods of bringing in totally free traffic, you know things like, Squidoo, blogger, blogs, article writing, forum posts etc when I stumbled on this little web site. At very first I was utilizing this basically to supply backlinks to my other web-sites. It was so far down the levels of my linking structure so I wasn’t actually paying attention to it fully.

Then one day I noticed some thing odd happened. The major web site I had spent three weeks nurturing utilizing top Seo tactics had been out-ranked by my free of charge 1 web page website I had built!!!

I couldn’t believe it… I had invested 3 weeks of my time and energy trying to have this internet site to page one of Google and right here was this one-page website that had took me much less than ten minutes to construct out ranking me in under 15 minutes. Yep, within 15 minutes from pressing “submit” this internet site had hit page one of Google, a lot more importantly it had ranked two positions higher than my fully optimized web site!!

It hit me like lightning… I stopped all my other activities and looked at that one web page in detail. I looked at the way I had organized the post, the links I had included, word count, keyword density, anchor text
absolutely everything that I thought would have given this one web page mini-site a greater Website positioning score than my principal web site. I found almost nothing of great significance, practically nothing that I could see making that much distinction.

The next four hours were spent breaking down every single element on the post into minute detail. I merely had to locate that “11th ingredient” and then I discovered it…

It was looking me in the eye all of the time. Excitedly, I began to churn out page after web page and they all ranked on Google in a matter of mins. The quickest being 3 mins!!

I had found a seam of Gold and it was time to go mining”.

When I first read the above I was suspicious; on the other hand, Phil has photographic and video proof on the examples above. More than this, Phil has arranged to shoot an “over the shoulder” video that describes the specific steps he takes when creating these 1 page income pulling sites.

You’ll be able to view the video here.

This process truly is really a game changer and many people who have struggled to make any real cash on the web are utilizing this to pay their car payments, mortgages and even exotic holidays.

If you actually want a shortcut to on the net achievement, this may just be what you have been searching for.

But don’t take my word for it, go check out for yourself.

May 30 2010

I learned how to make my own clothes at the age of five years of age, I would take exceptional enjoy hand sewing tiny bags and garments for my toys. By the time I was a teenager I became very proficient in sewing and would make almost all of my own outfits. It was a natural further evolvement to embroidering, I learned the essential hand needlework methods and I would accentuate my own clothes.

In 1999 I came accross machine embroidery, I thought it was magic, and I even now do. In the past I aquired a sewing and embroidery machine in one, It was not inexpensive at the time, nonetheless it pails when compared with today’s machines. I still have it and use it for sewing on a regular basis and at times while my 6 needle embroidery machine is otherwise employed I will even now use it for embroidery.

The spectacular point is the fact once i at first acquired my one needle embroidery machine I would not end up with good results. The cause of this is that in 1999 there wasn’t the knowledge around to teach machine embroiderers. I take the old machine out today and my end result are wonderful, it is because I these days understand I am doing.

This brings me one of my personal favorite sayings, “1st you should know the laws, you’ll then break them”. Being an avid cook, dressmaker, embroidery designer, and digitizer I believe this school of thought applies to all sorts of things. With the food prep I am aware what spices and herbs go with what meats and produce and I will manipulate amounts and swap stuff. However you need to know the principles, when you understand the foundations and the reason behind them then you’re able to change methods to suit yourself.

Proper hooping techniques can make the difference to your end result. Hoop the stabilizer with the fabric. Ensure that the fabric is stable within the hoop however, not distorted. A bit of nonslip matting on the work counter will help keep your lower hoop stable as you position your cloth.

A dense, large stitch count number pattern on a lightweight fabric will entirely wreck the cloth flow. Select dainty patterns when working with light fabric. While sewing a design onto a towel or high pile material, opt for a dense design that won’t disappear altogether in the pile. Finally, for stretch materials, do not try anything too heavy and sizeable. Don’t forget, the cloth is going to stretch, however the embroidery won’t.

I recommend utilizing “Cutaway” on stretchy cloth e.g. stretchy or knitted; utilizing “Tearaway” on stable materials e.g. woven; and ultizing “Washaway” on freestanding lace or garments, or a few great 3d stuff with organza – this is, if you need to get rid of the stabilizer entirely once the embroidery has been accomplished. Always employ a soluble topper on toweling. Once again, like anything else, test a few out and discover the probabilities through your own efforts.

May 25 2010

Embroidery design downloads

When ever selectingmachine embroidery patterns there are lots of factors that you should know. The very first thing ensure convinced is the factthat the design you will be investing in definitely will be the right size for your embroidery hoop. When you’re searching designs coming from a web page the pattern info should be available with the pattern. It’s good plan if you know your own hoop measurements both in metric and imperial. as an illustration a 4′x4″ hoop is approx . similar to a 100mm x 100mm. While having embroidery design downloads for sale by a very substantial amounts of internet websites it helps make it a great deal more convenient to just take up the specific design that you desire without requiring having to shell out $100 or possibly a whole lot more to get a CD that sometimes is bound to have a load of patterns owners might just not actually ever even use. Nevertheless purchaser be wary, you can get nothing at allmore unsatisfactory with comparison looking out for several hours 2 or three days prior to an event just for this significant pattern for a loved one, eventually choosing what exactly you would like, stitching it out and it’s poorly digitized the pattern is not worth it and there is no have your birthday present. Follow this advice that will help you stay away from this truly bothersome experience. To start with I am unable to emphasize this sufficiently an embroidery seriously isn’t an embroidery until it’s sewed out, so in case you are not seeing a photo of a sewed design be very careful. I’m not stating that these designs can’t ever be worthwhile I’m just reporting you can not be certain. A design can look OK in digitizing computer software but may possibly well not stitch well attributable to stitching order along with things. Whenever you view the photo of your design you will are aware of the gloss of the thread and you should become aware that it is stitched on cloth. if it is a graphic taken inside the digitizing software you will be able to see when you look closely. The following tip is, in case you have come across an on-line site that features a number of designs that you might want locate the free designs, most embroidery design website pages will offer some of free embroidery designs, download one or two of these freebies and stitch them out. Mostly you won’t get the digitizers best work in free sections but you’re likely to get a good idea of the quality of the designs in general. It is a good idea to keep an eye on where you got your embroidery design downloads from and bookmark the website. like thiswill be possible to find it again if you need the designs.

May 23 2010

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