The Tortoise Always Wins Dollarsandsensemoneytips

18 May, 2013

No matter how many times you read Aesop’s fable, the Tortoise always beats the Hare.

There is no one in a million reading where the end of the story drastically changes and the Hare pulls out a stunning victory and receives his fame and reward.

I received a message from a facebook friend the other night and we talked a little about money. He thanked me for my short facebook posts because they encourage him through the hard times as he is walking out some financial self control. He specifically said that it can get difficult at times.

And that is 100% true.

Building wealth is not rocket science and there is no great mystery to it.

It does require a tremendous amount of discipline, diligence and perseverance though. Knowledge of how money moves and works is an important part of the equation, but behavior is what will get you to your goals.

It doesn’t matter when you start and it doesn’t matter how much money you start with. However, you do have to start.

Aesop said “slow and steady wins the race.” God said “the diligent shall prosper”.

As I have stated before, building wealth is not something that happens overnight. It requires a conscious plan carried out consistently, over time.

You might be counting on a raise or the economy to improve in your favor, but why not take matters into your own hands. Your situation can change, you just have to make the choice.

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My name is Tim Parady and I am 36 years old. I was born in Connecticut, raised in Virginia, had a brief layover in Kansas which led me to Texas where I met my wife and best friend. We just celebrated 145years of marriage.
I have the best job in the world, which is to improve peoples lives. I teach people how to win in all areas of there money, which affects all areas of their lives.
78% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, with no money in the bank and little knowledge of how to invest for their retirement. You can have a different future. You can win with money and I can show you how.
I am an independent Dave Ramsey Financial Coach,and Insurance Agent at Alkali Insurance and I am here to serve you. My goal is to provide knowledge and tools to change your life. To schedule an appointment to address your financial needs and goals, email me at tim_parady@yahoo.com

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