The Types of Trailers Used in Car Transport

10 November, 2017

Shopping for the right auto transport company is intimidating for many individuals. It is not a service that individuals use quite often so it is difficult to know what features to look for. Although there are a number of choices to make, let’s focus on the types of trucks and trailers that can be used.

Truck Kinds

Car transport is carried out by one of 2 types of trucks: tractor trailers or hotshots. A hotshot is a little truck similar to a pickup.Because hotshots are small they transport only one car at a time. This means they are available faster because the shipper does not have to find other clients to fill the empty slots. On the other hand, that means all expenses of operation are shouldered by the one vehicle being transported therefore they are more expensive. Their small size means residential street navigation is easy plus they provide your car right to your door.

Tractor trailers transport anywhere from three to 12 autos at a time depending on the size with the attached trailer. The more cars, the cheaper the transport charge because costs of operation are distributed among several customers. To be affordable, the trucks need to run as near to capacity as possible. Which means the auto transport company needs a significant lead time between a customer’s call and the shipping date so that they can find several vehicles headed in the same direction.Another downside to tractor trailers is that they might not be able to travel in a few residential areas due to the tight streets. You might need to meet the vehicle at a nearby parking lot to pick up your car rather than having it delivered to your door.

Trailer Kinds

The first decision about trailers is single-vehicle vs. multiple-vehicle. This choice isn’t made by the customer but rather dictated by the truck. Hotshots have single trailers; semis have numerous.There may be instances where a semi transports a single vehicle, such as a car won’t fit on a typical trailer because of to size, modifications, or other characteristics. In this case it has to be shipped on a flatbed along with whatever other cargo the driver picks up. This is among the more costly ways to ship but may be necessary depending in your vehicle.When shipping on a multiple vehicle trailer, there’s a lot of debate about whether it’s better to request a position on the upper deck or the lower deck.

Cars on the higher deck are more subjected to the environment while the lower deck might get oil or other fluids dripping from above. In the end, it seems to be about the same.Another option is a closed trailer. Most automobile shipping is done in open trailers, leaving the vehicle exposed to the elements. This is good for many vehicles but if you have an costly or collectable car, it might be worth the extra expense of a covered trailer.

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