Things to Do in Brussels

6 November, 2016

Eurostar offers are the best way to travel at an affordable price to Brussels. This amazing city has so much to offer visitors that you will never be bored during your stay. The Eurostar deals will allow you to explore Brussels and everything it has to offer. Brussels has grown from a small 10th century fortress town to a breath taking city with over a million inhabitants.

The architecture in this incredible city is very diverse, and has several different styles in very close proximity to each other. One of the main attractions that people travel to Brussels for is the Grand Place, and is the central square of Brussels. Surrounding the breath taking carpet of flowers is the town hall, and the world famous Bread house.

Alongside this famous landmark people use the Eurostar to visit the Manneken Pis. Although this little bronze statue is very small, the image of the little boy urinating into the fountain is world famous. Several times a week the statue will be dressed up into different costumes, and occasionally he is attached to a keg of beer.

Although he is quite a comical figure, and has been stolen several times over the years, he is incredibly well liked by the people of Brussels. Once you have reached Brussels using your Eurostar deals you will want to explore everything. Whether you are looking for amazing architecture, fantastic artwork or delightful cuisine Brussels has it all.

The food and especially the chocolate in Brussels are delightful, and the city offers several different local specialities. The cuisine in Brussels is a mix of French and Flemish, with a touch of their own special flare. The chocolate of course is what many people decide to travel to Brussels for, and will use their Eurostar offers to experience it first-hand. The city is renowned for manufacturing the most exquisite chocolates and pralines.

Buying freshly cooked waffles from one of the many market stalls along the side streets is the ideal way to experience these local delicacies. The sights in Brussels are very typical of what you will see in many different cities around the world. However, there are some unusual ones tucked away for you to enjoy. The Plasicarium is quite frankly strange, but intriguing as there are many different displays of plastic items.

The collection ranges from the 1960′s and includes furniture, TV’s and art pieces. Many great artists have displayed their pieces in this building. Although you may think the concept of looking at displays of plastic items is odd, strangely it is very interesting. The whole feeling of the building is relaxed, and enjoyable. With over 90 museums to explore whilst using your

Eurostar offers, this display can be a welcome relief. There is always something happening in Brussels from chocolate exhibits to jazz festivals, so planning your time to use a Eurostar offer is essential. Depending on how long you are aiming to stay in Brussels will determine how much you can see. However, no matter what you do manage to see it will leave you wanting more.

Europe is such an amazingplace to explore, so once I’ve taken a look at the latest Eurostar deals, I can’t help but get excited and pay some fantastic countries a visit!

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