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29 April, 2010

Sometimes calling around to obtain some T Shirts Tees printed can be quite a Confusing Hard procedure, With a bit of luckthis guide on the diverse kindsof printing available will shed a little light on thecircumstances. There are numerous different kinds of t shirt printingto name some are: Cad Cut heat applied vinyl: This Style Type of printing is very sharp looking and durable, it is more affordable to produce than screen printingIf you are making singular Shirts, colours are restricted to only whats on hand as vinyl comes on vinyl rolls,…

obtaining a fewt shirts Printed produced can be quite aconfusingprocess, Hopefully I hope this tour guide on the different variations of printing on hand will shed a few light on the circumstances.

There are various distinctivevariationsof t shirt printingto namea small number are:

Cad Cut heat pressed vinyl:

This style type of printingis very sharp lookingand is resilient, it is cheaper to turn outthan screen printing if you are doing one off t shirts, colours are constrained to only whats available as vinyl comes on vinyl rolls, it is more popular with textand shape printing and will not work with non vector images:

Heat Applied Images:

A good quality choicefor a person doing a lesser batch of t shirts, Heat Transfers are commonlynot as durable as silk screen printing or Cad cutvinyl.

Silk Screen Printing: This is the mostadmired techniqueand also the most hard-wearing and pricey, it ischeaperfor bulk printing jobsbut a one off silk screen printed t shirtstarts from almost £65

Dye Sub Printing:

This procedure involves yourartworkbeen heat pressedonto a polyester T Shirt: your design is printed using particular ink that vapours under heat and transfer to your article of clothing.

dye Sub Printing is 100% hard-wearing but is limited to white polyester garments only.

there are some dedicatedlondon situatedt printers out there

Here is adirectoryof a few very goodT shirt printersI have used over the years,

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