Tibet Travel Agency Tcts Helps Travelers Avoid Money Hassles While Travelling Tibet in 2017

6 February, 2017

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Lhasa, Tibet (PRWEB) May 24, 2015

Travelers who visit Tibet during 2015 are in for a travel experience like none other. While the dramatic high altitude scenery and fascinating culture are certainly alluring, one must remember and respect the fact that with such a unique place comes a unique way of doing business: accessing and using money can differ drastically from what visitors have come to expect in more westernized travel destinations. Now that travelers are beginning to arrive for their 2015 tours, local Tibet travel agency Tibet Ctrip Travel Service-TCTS (http://www.tibetctrip.com) wants to make sure no one is caught off guard.

In the vast majority of cases credit cards are not accepted. While some high-end hotels and retail outlets may accept them, most of the locally owned restaurants and shops that travelers love to visit do not. Major banks can process cash advances off some major cards should a Tibet travel group find themselves in a pinch.

Reliable ATMs that accept foreign bankcards can be found throughout Lhasa. Not all ATMs accept all foreign cards so if one doesn’t work, don’t panic, just move on to the next one. That said, its best to withdraw all cash needed before leaving Lhasa; ATMs can be sparse in other areas of Tibet.

The Chinese Yuan (RMB) is the local currency. Exchange services can be found in a variety of locations, such as hotels, but banks typically offer the best rates. Identification will be required to process the transaction.

Experiencing hassles accessing or using money while travelling far away from home can feel like a complete disaster. To head off problems, make sure funds are available for withdrawal and that the bank is aware of upcoming foreign ATM transactions. Those who run into issues are encouraged to remain calm and contact their bank for help. With the 2015 Tibet tour season coming into full swing now is the time to start planning a trip!

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