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26 April, 2016

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Being in love is a wonderful feeling. However, being in love in today’s materialistic world can sometimes be an expensive affair as candlelight dinners and dining in fancy restaurants unfortunately come with a hefty price.

So how can you enjoy a wonderful date without breaking the bank? Read below for cheap dating tips!

Take Advantage of Promotions

  • Credit card companies often have great dining promotions with up to 50% savings with their dining partners. Take advantage of these good deals to wine and dine your date for a lot less!
  • Hotel loyalty cards also offer great promotions on accommodation and dining. So beg, borrow or steal one and enjoy a sumptuous dinner in a 5-star restaurant with your date!

Cook A Meal

  • Women are often impressed by men who show a domestic side and they say the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So brush up your cooking skills and surprise her with a home cooked dinner. Throw on a nice table cloth, light some candles, scatter some rose petals and you will touch her heart with a cosy romantic dinner for less!
  • If you can’t cook, rope in a friend who can cook to help you out. While there are substantial savings to be made for a little extra effort, the effect this surprise will have on your date is priceless!

Have A Lunch Date

  • Often, restaurants run special set lunches or promotions during lunch to attract customers. The food they offer during lunch are just as good as their dinner sets and you may pay up to 30% less savings for an equally great meal.

Eat Cheap

  • Every so often, take a break from rich restaurant food and enjoy a cheap simple meal. As long as it is clean and the company is great, your date might actually enjoy this change! After all, your date should see you in all circumstances, not just in the best settings!

Dating does not have to be expensive. After all, it should be the company that matters most!

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