Tips From Financial Expert Jameson Van Houten for Smart Financial Decisions in 2015

24 May, 2013

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Scottsdale, Arizona (PRWEB) February 12, 2015

One of the most common resolutions that individuals make each year is to be smarter with the way that they spend their money. However, many of these individuals do not know how to start, or what steps to take in order to improve their spending habits. To help these individuals start the New Year with a clear idea of how they can improve their financial decisions and have a more prosperous year, financial expert Jameson Van Houten shares some essential tips to keep those New Year’s resolutions.

1.    Set manageable goals: One of the biggest problems that many of these individuals have is starting too big and getting discouraged as a result. Jameson Van Houten says that the way to avoid this problem is to make smaller goals that are more manageable. It is important to be specific about exactly what the goal is, as vague ones can be more stressful to accomplish. For big goals, like buying a car or starting a new business, break it down into smaller more manageable goals like saving each month to avoid being overwhelmed.

2.    Pick away at debt: One of the most overwhelming goals for individuals is getting rid of debt. However, Jameson Van Houten says this is one goal that can be easily broken down, and should be in order to make accomplishing it easier. It is important to cut down on debt, and while it is probably impossible to eradicate all debt in 2015, even making a few extra payments here and there, paying off one item or credit card completely, or avoiding additional debt are great goals to have and easier to accomplish.

3.    Think twice before spending: Many individuals find that they are having a hard time saving and cutting down on their expenses, but this is only because they are not thinking carefully about their spending habits. It is important that these individuals look at all of their expenses; cutting things like unused memberships, dining out, or paying for services that they could fulfill themselves. Investing a little extra time can go a long way in saving some big money. Jameson Van Houten says that it is important to carefully keep track of expenses to find out just which ones really are excessive.

Taking a few small steps are easy but essential to living a more financially sound life in 2015. Those who take this advice from financial expert Jameson Van Houten can feel confident that they are making strides towards a better financial future.


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