Tips On Free Activities During the Holidays

18 April, 2016

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Entertaining your children during the school holidays can be rather challenging, especially if you have not planned any expensive holidays outstation or abroad.

Children often very quickly get bored and that is when they start getting on your nerves! If you don’t want them to spend the whole day in front of the television, look below for some free activities you can plan for your child this school holidays!


  • Let your children cool off the summer heat in a nearby park. There, they can laugh their hearts out, play with the playground equipment and make new friends – all for absolutely free!
  • Locally, children can splash for free in the pool and fountains outside the KLCC Twin Towers.


  • Take your children for free (or a nominal fee) to the museum. It is interesting enough for them to spend a whole day wandering through the museum and learning about their history.
  • It is a free (or cheap) way to entertain your children whilst teaching them through a fun and interesting manner.

Visit the Petronas Skybridge

  • In Kuala Lumpur, allow your children to experience the thrill of being over 200m above ground in one of the world’s tallest buildingsThe Petronas Twin Towers!
  • The Petronas Twin Towers skybridge on Level 41 and 42 are open to the public on a first come first serve basis. Tickets are absolutely FREE and are limited to 1,300 tickets daily. Come early to get your tickets.


  • Let your child volunteer to help out at your local pet shelter, old folks’ home or special children’s home.
  • It is a free but rewarding activity and a great way to introduce your child to charity and helping the less fortunate.

There are lots of free or very cheap activities your children can indulge in during their holidays and unconsciously learn some valuable lessons of life! Check your local newspapers for more information!





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