Tips to Avoid Impulse Buying While Shopping

15 January, 2014

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Did the warehouse preparation tips whet your appetite and build your adrenaline for the coming warehouse sales?

For warehouse sales newbies, the picture up there just a small reflection of how crowded and crazy it can get at a warehouse sale! How many of us have queued for hours outside the warehouse sale in the hot sun or rain, waiting for the doors to open. The minute the doors open, a burst of adrenaline overtakes us and in we rush to grab the very first things our hands touch! That is exactly what the retailers are hoping for as in our mad frenzy to grab bargains, we might not notice old stock or defective products.

Often, many of us come back after a warehouse sale wondering why we bought certain items in the first place or how we spent hundreds and thousands of dollars. It is very easy to fall into impulse buying on things you do not need without realising it. So, do go armed with more great tips to help you come back with shopping bargains and not duds!

 Clothes Warehouse Sales

  • Do not be overly optimistic about your size! If in doubt, size up instead of down in case you find yourself unable to fit into things you picked up on a whim.
  • Do ensure you dress properly for the warehouse sale to allow yourself room and flexibility in trying on clothes without wasting time queuing for the fitting room.
  • Look out for stains or tears on the clothes you are buying. Often, clothes at the warehouse sale tend to be old stock and can sometimes be badly stained.
  • Don’t hesitate to dig into piles of clothes which may be thrown into bins. Sometimes you might find gems under all the old clothes!
  • Always double check the price tags attached to the clothes to the prices displayed above the piles or racks to avoid unpleasant surprises as clothes often get moved around by frenzied shoppers.

Food Warehouse Sales

  • These are great places to pick up bargains on dry foodstuff such as cereal, biscuits or oats.
  • Always do check the expiry dates especially if the foodstuff are going for very cheap.
  • Check any boxes or tins carefully before you throw them into your shopping bag to ensure there are no dents or tears.

Cosmetic Warehouse Sales

  • Like foodstuff, cosmetics also have a shelf life and an expiry date so always check the expiry dates on the cosmetics before purchasing them.
  • Do not buy if you don’t know how to use them unless you are intending to try it out.
  • Warehouse sales are not the best place to ask the assistants on what colour suits you best or how best to apply a product as the crowds there can be tremendous! So always go knowing what colours you are looking for or what you look good in.
  • If you have sensitive skin, be careful in buying products you have not tried before, even if they are cheap.
  • Cosmetic retailers are very clever in packaging their cosmetics in sets containing a variety of cosmetic products. If you are only looking for one product, do not fall into the trap of buying a variety set if you know you are not going to use the other products in the set.
  • If shopping for cosmetics as a gift, do bear in mind that most people have a particular brand of cosmetics they are loyal to and are often not so open to changing brands.

Electrical Warehouse Sales

  • Check any electrical appliances you buy at a warehouse sale carefully as they often do not come with warranties.
  • For large items such as washing machines, fridges or air-conditioning units, always check how much transportation would cost if you can’t fit it in your car.
  • Always check how much installation would cost for items such as airconds as these charges are sometimes higher than what the shops charge.

Shoe Warehouse Sales

Finally, one good tip to picking up real bargains at warehouse sales is to always go with a rough idea of what the prices are like in the stores. This way, you can compare the prices with those at the warehouse sale to ensure that you are picking up a real bargain!

Women are often in-built with a kiasu and shopping mechanism to shop and grab as much as they can at a warehouse sale. However, by taking a bit of time and with these tips in mind, you might find yourself spending less instead of more at your next warehouse sale shopping trip!

Happy shopping!

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