To the Land of the Pharoahs Egypt Holidays

19 January, 2015

Holidays to Egypt are ideal for those whose idea of a holiday involves rather more than just lounging around on a beach in the sun. It is an acceptable point of view after all you don’t truly have to travel thousands of miles throughout the world to do that. There are beautiful beaches with warm, sunny climates much nearer home.No, Egypt holidays are perfect for those who want to come home from their holiday having done issues they could not do at home, and feeling rich in mind and spirit even if they are a bit impoverished in the pocket for a while later on. The reality is that there is so much to encounter and to discover in the land of the pharaohs that nevertheless many holidays to Egypt you take you’ll usually come back having carried out or learned something various from your prior trips. You’ll be doing all this in the warm, sunny weather of North Africa too. Egypt has it all!Whereabouts in Egypt is the best place to head for? That is a tough question, you will find a lot of places of great interest.

Holidays to Luxor are very popular, it being so handy for the Valley of The Kings and the Pyramids and all the other temples and monuments.Luxor has plenty to offer in its own right. It was the ancient city of Thebes which was the great capital of Egypt in the time of the New Kingdom. It was the marvelous city of the God, Amon Ra. Even these days, coming from the UK, you feel as though you’ve wandered into another world as you stroll around the bazaars and soak up the atmosphere.From here you can even take a trip in a balloon over the Valley of The Kings to get a completely different view on the incredible structures. That could be really helpful if you’re only on a brief visit!But that’s just Luxor. Wherever you go in Egypt you’re surrounded by history and artefacts of the fantastic civilisation that flourished here a lot of centuries in the past.

One of the great features of Egypt obviously is the River Nile. For numerous years regarded as the World’s longest river, though these days numerous say it’s actually second to the Amazon in the event you care about that kind of argument, it’s the reason behind Egypt’s existence. The effect of that’s that most of Egypt’s civilisations have grown up and faded away in their turn along a fairly narrow strip of land on each side of the river. That means that most of the places of interest are within simple reach of the river.One exemption to that is the city of Sharm el Sheikh which is on the shore of the Red sea. It is a very well-known resort and for anybody who wants to go diving in Egypt it is the place to go. If you’re not a diver already what better place to discover than in the warm waters of the Red Sea?Returning to the Nile, and in Egypt you’re never far away from it, it’s a feature you can make great use of on your holiday. So long as individuals have lived in Egypt, which is about as long as they’ve lived anyplace, the Nile has provided a ready made natural highway to enable individuals and goods to travel about the country.

Ever since holidays to Egypt first became popular, many years ago now, Nile cruises have been a popular way to see and appreciate the places and local culture.Cruising the Nile can be done in a number of means. Anybody acquainted with Agatha Christie’s, “Death on the Nile,” especially one of the film versions, will recognise the big river steamers that carry numerous passengers in style and elegance stopping off at all the places of interest. That is a wonderful method to see Egypt in comfort. If you’d rather get closer to the significant life of the country and its atmosphere and persona, you can. Sail the river in a traditional Felucca, one of the couple of kinds of working sailing vessels still in everyday use earning their keep. You’ll soon appreciate how the winds and the river currents are used to advantage by these sailors utilizing skills and information passed down from one generation to another for thousands of years.Egypt holidays often start and finish in Cairo, “the city of a thousand minarets,” as it has been called. Then as you follow the Nile you will not miss anything at all, because most places of interest are situated close to the river. Either whenever you arrive or before you leave, you’ll want to spend time checking out the fascinating city of Cairo itself. In the event you do not see everything this time around, never mind. You’ll be back for more!

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