Top 5 Grocery Saving Tips

16 March, 2017


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 - by Kate Watson

In these hard times we are all looking for ways to spent less in every way possible. Grocery is one big expense in each and every household. I recently wrote a post recently which relates to saving money at the supermarket if you missed this post i highly recommande you to read it here. How are you coping with your grocery expense?  Are you looking for ways to save on your grocery?

Here are Top 5 saving tips on grocery.

Compare price/unit

When doing your grocery always compare price per unit.  This will help you see which item is cheaper and which item is expensive. For example atAsda their 500g of Silver Spoon Homegrown Sugar Granulated cost £0.66 thus £1.32 per kg. Whereas their 1kg of Silver Spoon Homegrown Sugar Granulated cost £0.82. Buying the 1kg at £0.82 will save you money in the long run rather that buying 500g for £0.66.

Consider buying in bulk

Buying in bulk is a good idea on saving money however you should buy things you know you will use. Have a look at your household items that you use often and see which ones you can buy in bulk. Items like toilet papers , washing up liquid, washing powder and meat  are good examples of  household items that you can buy in bulk.

Use  cash instead on creadit

When going for grocery shopping always leave your credit card at home, instead use cash. Credit card have got interst which you have to pay at the end of month and other charges associated with them, why pay these charges when you can just use cash?

Try store brands

Most supermarkets have their own brand which are quiet cheaper as compared to other brands. Why not try out some of the supermarket brands and save money.

Limit your shopping trips to once a week.

Frequent grocery shopping trips can easily make you spend more than what you had planned for. Limiting your grocery shopping trips to once a week can help you save more money.

Do you have other tips on how to save on grocery? Share your tips in the comments

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