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21 September, 2016

Website Building Tools

This is a very important area to explore because you will want to consider ‘how you want to manage your own website’.

Here are your options:

  1. You could pay a website developer to build your income producing website, but you become dependant on the webmaster for any changes, update of enhancements you want made to your site.
  2. You could build your own website by hand or by using some of the popular development tools out there such as Dreamweaver, Microsoft Frontpage or something else, but be prepared to put in a lot of time in learning how to code HTML, insert Javascript and such. If you can do it this method, I commend you, but plan on putting in lot’s of time.
  3. You could use a internet based website builder, but even those online programs have limitations.
  4. Purchase software that will have all the website building tools and allow you to make extra money while still be in control of your website content at any time.
  5. You could use a free services like Blogger to build your own site, but with a blogger account, you do not control the domain and there are limitations to what you can and cannot do.

Some more questions ask are:

  • Do you plan on having one website or many?
  • Do you have extra money to spend on custom programming and development with a web designer.
  • Do you want to have your own .com domain name?
  • Do you want to control your own content?

Control Your Own Content

More and more I am coming accross people that want to be able to add new web pages, update pages, add images and more.

Sometime a great money making idea (or whatever your website is about) comes to your late at night in your pyjamas and you want to get it on the computer and on your website right away.

There might be no time tomorrow, because today, right now, you are in the moment.

You’re going to read a lot on the Internet about ‘control your own content with a content management system‘ or CMS system.

A content management system is great if you plan to have 50 website pages today and 200+ pages next month, but is not required.

I set up content management systems (CMS) for various companies and money making ventures online. On average, depending on the system, the start up costs are around $1,500 to $5,000, also depending on requirements. It is a process with determining the requirements, setting up the design and templates, who is going to be using the website editing system and on-going training for using the system.

If you are starting out and simply want to test the waters with building and managing your own website, this may not be the route to go.

What about Dreamweaver?

Yes, people talk about it and most website developers use Dreamweaver to manage 1 – 1000+ websites.

I have been using Dreamweaver for year and years, but I also have programming and technical skills that some may not have. I have many clients, some do grab on to Dreamweaver, while others struggle. For some, it may be a bit too technical.

I personally love the tool, but it may not be for everyone.

Consider this, this website was not built with Dreamweaver, it is running on a WordPress application with a custom template. No technical or programming knowledge required to build this website and to create pages about whatever topic I see fit.

It’s not the technical part and the ability to program, that makes you money, it’s putting your message out there for others to see!

Some of the most successful internet marketers do not use Dreamweaver either, they just know how to get their message out there.

What about these online website builders?

I have seen then, have used them and even set up some clients with their own websites with them.

The outcome … not a good story!

A few years ago I set up a company with one of these online building tools. They ended up putting new content on their site, building links, adding related images and more. A year passed and something happened with the hosting company (their did not renew their license or something) and the company was not able to access their website for editing or content updates. Can you image not having control of your own website?

These online website building tools are dependant on the hosting company, so if you decide one day to move to another server, you may be out of luck. The other web hosting server may have a similar tool, but you may or may not be able to import them there.

My recommendation, stay away from these tools. You are limited with the template design, you are tied to the server and sometimes it cannot be fun!

Want to build your own website?

Consider purchasing a software program that let’s you build not one website, but as many websites as you want!

Here is the best part, you control the content, the look, the feel and more.

As a website developer, I may or may not want you to buy such a program because I make less money.

But if your budget is limited and you are a type ‘A’ personality who needs to make constant changes to their website, then please do explore this option.

So what is this website development thing?

I could literally write and write about this application, but I won’t.

I am not going to try and sell you on this system, because like I say, I lose money and would rather charge you $2K-$3K per website, plus extras for updates to your site.

I will tell you this:

  • You can build 1 website or your can build 100 sites, it does not matter. Once you own the product, it is wide open.
  • I personally know successful internet marketers using this product to develop money making website.
  • You can insert money making ads on your site with easy (Google Adsense and such)
  • It comes with tons of website templates to get you started
  • It is simple to use and you do not need to hire a website developer

Click here to watch a video about this product …

In addition, for a website developer to custom program some of the features built in this website building software program would take hours and money that your could spend somewhere else.

It is SEO friendly too!

I work as a consultant for a search engine optimization company and we strive to build web sites that are search engine friendly, get ranked, get indexed and more. Our clients demand it!

To build a search engine friendly website, your website must have certain elements built within it for the search engine to come and visit your site. (No, it is more than just META keyword tags and such).

The point I am trying to impress on you is that out of the many tools out there, if you do plan to invest in your online money making business, this web site software has elements built-in for building search engine friendly websites!

On top of that, we have some consultants using this tool with great success.

Watch the video, I think you’ll be impressed.

Click here to see the video …

To your online success!

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