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29 August, 2015

Auctions – whether they’re taking place in a building or online at sites like eBay – can be fantastic places for picking up great deals. If you would like to embrace your inner David Dickinson, take a look at http://www.ukauctionguides.co.uk for lists of auctions and what’s for sale. Auction houses are used by many companies […]

It’s a fact of life that times change, and while this is often for the worse when it comes to prices, it’s thankfully for the best when it comes to the power that internet shopping gives us. No longer do we have to be content with whatever prices the stores are offering on our local […]

Finally, it seems that the popular press are starting to comment on some of the welfare benefit changes that are due to start taking place. There is much confusion about how, when and where some of the changes are going to happen.  That’s why today I am going to tell you the basics about the […]

Today, I received a brilliant poem from a Northwards tenant that I thought I’d share with you. Wise words indeed! Read ‘Debt’ by Patricia Kay Walker Thanks for this, Patricia. I know your sense of moral obligation to do what you felt right and how you have striven to pay back what you owe. I also […]

Picture the scene – your wages or benefits are due to be paid into your bank account and you need the money to cover your bills. BUT you owe the bank some money, and the bank wants to take some of your income to reduce your debt. What can you do? There is an answer! […]

To celebrate the start of a bright and shiny New Year, why not join me in the Resolution Revolution? Let’s have a money makeover, a cash clearout, a dosh dustdown… getting the drift?? Here are 4 things you can do to make life and managing your money much easier in 2013: 1/ Start a savings account […]

Well the holiday is pretty much upon us! I wonder if anyone is even able to see over the sprout mountain to read this? In just a few days, the festivities will be in full swing and even when you’ve fed everyone, there will doubtless be enough food left to feed a small army. Don’t let […]

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