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6 September, 2014

The ideal
companion to a full, whole, harmonious life:

Stepping Stones to Inner Peace

This is an
invaluable 12-page guide that you�ll reach for again and again to
give you daily ideas and motivation for overcoming stress and
difficulty in your life!

Becoming more
peaceful is a process � so this compact guide gives you 
over 130
tips, techniques, practices and insights to help you create a more
tranquil and serene life for yourself.
Please note that since inner peace means different things to each
individual, some of these tips may benefit you and others may not.

Learn some
powerful and simple-to-apply ways to: 

  • Love

  • Honor
    your time and energy

  • Know

  • Take
    care of yourself

  • Live

  • Build
    better relationships

  • Simplify your life and money

  • and
    much, much more

Please note that
these are things that I personally do that have promoted inn

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