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5 October, 2011

How Plastic Surgery Has Benefited Many

There was a time when plastic surgery was something only rich had access to. There are different kinds from helping people who have been in car crashes and similar accidents to restore their previous features, birth defect correction and also the things more commonly thought of like reshaping of the nose or reducing or increasing the size of breasts. All of these kinds have made the quality of life for the recipients increase and in many cases given confidence or restored what has been lost.

Decades ago, 1887 to be exact was when the first kind of plastic surgery took place. It was on a patient who had a birth defect known as cleft pallet. Before this breakthrough only basic repairs were achievable however by creating tools especially for this task he could help the patient feel as though they could fit in amongst those who were not suffering disfigurement and the stigma that came with it.

We regularly speak of how beauty of a real scale is measured from the inner being, not how they are seen in the mirror. To some extent this can be true but how can you shine inside if you are not happy with yourself every time you see a reflection.

Advertisements everywhere have meant different diets are being tried all over the world, some fail but those that lead to actual loss of weight mean people very overweight are left having skin left so they once again feel uncomfortable but for another reason. Having this cut away is something some decide on to get their body in a way they are happy with.

Some women are told as young girls they are late bloomers and will grow larger breasts when they are older, they wait in vain as not everyone has the same body and clothes worn just hang lifelessly making them feel inadequate. Breast augmentation need not mean going huge, unless of course it is required to further a career or similar. They can look so natural that only you would know the difference. The advancements made and the skill of the plastic surgeons has minimized scarring to almost nothing too!

The inner self can be dented through bullying or looking at other women who are in the public eye. Making small or large changes depending on individual needs has let people usually shy and reserved find a new voice or helped others to enter into careers they would otherwise be not considered for.

No longer is such surgery a taboo subject and the availability is widespread not making it exclusive to those in the public eye. In this day it is like refusing a c section when you need one because years ago it was not an option. Join lots around the world improving aspects they once thought could not be changed.

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