Turtle Beach PX5 The Details Angelicas

6 May, 2011

You have all probably heard of the Ear Force Px5 by now, you have probably heard that it is the next generation of gaming audio, and it is revolutionizing the gaming audio industry. Well Im here to tell you that the rumors are true In this article I will give a real quick overview of this headsets features, and then Ill give you an insider secret about where you should be buying this headset

Whats up guys Im JJ, I have been playing the Xbox 360 since the beginning.

The Ear Force PX5 is the ultimate gaming headset, It has everything that we have come to expect from a Turtle Beach Headset, and a lot more. The Turtle Beach Px5 has a sound equalizer that allows you to set a volume level for chat and if anyone or anything that breaks that level will not be played. So the anoying music guy, or loud breather will be muted without the touch of a button from you.

Thats not all though, the Turtle Beach PX5 has three layers of audio, this allows you to play a game while talking on the phone through the headset, it even lets you stream music to the headset while playing and talking… The PX5 might be the greates onovation to gaming since Xbox Live. The X41 was great, but the PX5 is the future.

These are my thoughts, whether you own a Turtle Beach or are a gaming headset noob, the PX5 is perfect, it is the future of gaming audio and evry gamer should own one.

Ok, now for my promise of great prices, head on over to my blog TurtleBeachPX5.com, it has everything you need to know and the most up to date information about the Turtle Beach PX 5.

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