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26 January, 2013

Gorgacce Rentals are a family concern based in Italy and England, we represent villa owners who know us personally. We have a large selection of Tuscany Villas, Tuscany Farmhouses and Tuscany Agritourism Apartments available for holiday rentals. Our properties are on the Tuscany Umbra border and are suitable for most tastes and budgets. Whether you are looking at our affordable Cheap Tuscany Villas and Tuscany Agritourism Apartments or the high end Luxury Tuscany Villas, we are more than happy to discuss everything with you. We try to give you a more honest description than you would get from an exclusive owners’ site. Browse Gorgacce Rentals’ site to find the best value Tuscany Agritourism Apartments and Tuscany Villas in Italy, please tell us if you don’t agree! Gorgacce Rentals: Tuscany Villas & Tuscany Agritourism.

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We specialise in holiday rentals in a particularly beautiful part of the Tuscany Umbria border, Italy. Most of our properties are between the famous hill town of Cortona, Lake Trasimeno the 4th largest lake in Italy and the small town of Umbertide, on the upper stretch of the River Tiber. The area has an incredible amount to offer: wonderful scenery; medieval hill towns and villages; Renaissance art; fantastic food and wines and easy access to most of the famous towns of central Italy Cortona, Perugia, Assisi, Gubbio, Siena, Arezzo, Montepulciano, Urbino, Sansepolcro, Orvieto and Florence to name some of the larger places within easy reach.

David and Dilys Cordingley bought the house Gorgacce in 1986. We began renting the property on an occasional basis and subsequently our Italian neighbours asked us to rent their properties for holidays.

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Most are near the village of Mercatale di Cortona at the eastern edge of Tuscany, along and overlooking the Niccone valley and the borders of Umbria, and surrounded by the ancient castles which protected the valley in times passed, Reschio, Sorbello, and Pierle.

We also have apartments in the centre of Cortona and in surrounding villages, and in historic Assisi and Spello further east in Umbria.

The area is in beautiful countryside, dotted with farmhouses, palazzi and classic hill top towns, as well as being near the major artistic centres of central Italy. Even Rome can be reached on a day trip by train.

Cortona, an unspoilt medieval town with its origins in Etruscan history is close by as is Perugia. The towns of Siena, Orvieto, Gubbio, Assisi, Arezzo, Pienza, Montalcino and Montepulciano are all within an hour’s drive and Florence takes ninety minutes.

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July 28 2010

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July 26 2010

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July 25 2010

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July 23 2010

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July 22 2010

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July 18 2010

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July 17 2010

Who prefers a property that looks all cluttered up and dirty due to disorganization? This is the key reason why it is really important for each and every house to possess the proper set of cabinets, drawers, as well as other kinds of storage bin. 1 significant element in the property that you need to manage is the bathing room. It can be quite useful to own the best bathroom storage units right within this area.

The bathroom storage units are very good tools exactly where you’ll be able to put all your cluttered items. You’ll be able to locate here all your significantly valued toiletries like shampoos, soap bars, hair dryer, body wash and much more. You will find plenty of things inside of your bathing room that you should also steer clear of getting wet particularly once you take a shower. In case you browse the Web nowadays, you’d discover a good deal of them that can truly go well with your every single bathing room organization need.

So why is it critical that you continue to keep your bathroom looking great and organized all the time? That is crucial specifically in case you always have guests coming round on a regular basis. You’ll not feel very embarrassed anymore for all of the potential mess which you have been keeping around. To add some aesthetic value, you’ll be able to decorate the room with some added decorations just like the furniture pieces.

The above tips is just the starting point related to bathroom furniture. To uncover more, you might want to take a look at bathroom tile patterns.

July 15 2010

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July 14 2010

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