Ultimate Blogging Theme Review Ultimate Blogging Theme by Carlocab Blogging Theme Features and Benefits

8 November, 2016

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Occasionally I visit and read some make money online tips on carlocab’s blog to learn new tricks about blogging and also adapt his skills in writing an article on his blog. He started blogging whe he was just 13 years old and after 6 months of blogging he ended up landing on the first page of google with the very competitive keyword “make money online”. ( this kid is very smart and  awesome!)

Aside from writing funny and informative articles one thing that you will notice on his blog is the “blog template”. I was amazed that this kid blogger is the one who designed and code his own blog template called the ultimate blogging theme.

Its a newbie friendly template for those bloggers who want to use wordpress as their blogging platform. Like me.. = p

Personally I hate doing those boring tweaking of the footer code by adding the copyright, disclaimer, privacy policy because I’m not that techy about “html” and I don’t wanna mess with it.

Basically the main features and benefits of his theme is flexibility and design without touching any html code. So you can literally personalize your own blog design, put the ads on the area that you wanted them to show to your readers and basically almost do everything on your blog without messing up with the html code.

So watch out and you will see that my blog template will be updated and will look cool by next month because I want to get his ultimate blogging template on my very own blog. ( I’m excited! = ) )

Well, in case that you also want to get the ultimate blogging theme template don’t be shy to get it by clicking here and kindly leave your comments below about your experience.

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