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24 October, 2016



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I received an email this morning which is so important I’ve just copied and pasted it in its entirety below.

I urge ALL landlords to read it and register with the LRS today!


Good Morning,

It is not normal that I write to you this early in the week unless it is a rogue tenant alert but we have had researchers working over the weekend to collate data for the new ‘OurLoop’ site going live on 4 February 2011 www.ourloop.co.uk and feel that this qualifies as National Alert, we needed to inform you of some of our findings.  There is almost an epidemic developing of tenants that are not only refusing to pay their rents but they are unable to do so as the recession and the Government cuts start to take shape.  We have reported to our Members earlier in the year which was publicised by the BBC of our concerns of the migration of tenants and rent arrears due to the economy in the next year, this of course is now proving to be the case as a true prediction and therefore the next prediction has to be that due to shortages of funding because of the economic climate rents will not be met and Landlords will be either covering the deficit or start losing their properties.  We ourselves as Landlords are experiencing rent defaults and the alerts which are coming in thick and fast showing massive defaults are also representing this.

LRS field research and analysis of the current climate is showing that Landlords need to act very fast both to get our own tenants registered and to encourage new members on board to register their tenants. To do this and with new members uploading tenants will give us all an opportunity to reference with previous Landlords who may have sufferered rent defaults, this in turn should slow down the forth coming epidemic effecting members of LRS sweeping across the UK this year. I am sure you are aware that our motto at LRS is “prevention is better than cure”, we therefore ask that you send this off to everybody you know – Local Authority accreditation schemes, Landlords, Letting Agents. Associations and anyone else that can help this cause — our strength is really going to be in numbers. Any tenant who is considering not paying his rent will be less likely to knock and run if they know that they will not be able to get another property if any future landlord is registered on LRS.

Or Follow this URL: http://www.national.landlordreferencing.co.uk/contents/en-uk/otherurl.html?ourl=D31

More news will be going up throughout the week on this issue, so keep an eye on our news pages.

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Kindest Regards

Sarah Shakespeare



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