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14 May, 2016

If life is being rough and your budget is really tight, it is most of the time difficult to find ways to put some money into your savings account. There are simple and little ways though that you can do everyday to start small and have a considerable savings after some time. Here are some tips you can put into practice and they never fail to work:

Make good use of coupons

When you use coupons, make sure that it is saving you a good amount of money. There are grocery stores for example which double the value of their coupons on certain days. Knowing this you can schedule your trip to the supermarket on this day. If you have coupons for sales of regular items, keep the coupons and wait for the sale.

Get used cars

You deserve that new ride but a new car is not always the best decision you can make financially. Go to your trusted dealer and get a nice looking, decent, and road safe car.

Drink water

Add up your weekly spending on sodas, coffees, or other drink and you might be surprised how much you are throwing away. Instead make it a good practice to drink tap water. It might be a hard habit to start but you will not regret all the efforts when you check your bank account after a few months.

Use generic detergents

Given that you not have very sensitive skin, you can go for generic detergents instead of branded laundry detergents. Consider how much laundry you do every month and consider how much you can save every month.

Make your snacks

Instead of buying the individually packed snacks, get the big bags and just fill and refill zip locked bags on a daily basis. You can also go for healthier options like mixed nuts or fruits. It is not that big a hassle to prepare and pack your own snack cause in the long run, you will have more money to spend on other things.

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