Using Coupons How to Get Started

9 October, 2017

Using coupons is a great way to cut back on your spending bill. I was very skeptical when first starting to use coupons, but I have found that I can get MANY items under a dollar or FREE! I have amazed family and friends over and over again by all the free things I get with coupons. SO the first step is to SAVE THOSE COUPONS!!!! Don’t get to overwhelmed with using them at first. Just save them! Clip and sort and save. Every Monday I will try to post where you can use these coupons to get the most bang for your buck! You will have the cashier in disbelief! Trust me!

So where can you find all these coupons? Well, the best place is the Sunday paper. Save all those coupons and ask family and friends for theirs if they do not use them. This way you can stack your coupons if you need to or get a great deal twice! There will also be times where you will need to print some online coupons. Also put your printer on black only if you have the option. I know for most printers the black ink is the cheapest. No need to print in color anyways.

And you next big coupon finder is the “All You” magazine. This magazine is not only a great read, but it has TONS of usefull coupons in them. Alot of the sales I list will include some of these coupons. The subscritption pays for itself soon enough.
You can get your subscritption to “All You” here:

All You (1-year auto-renewal)

If you order your magazine now you can even score $10 back on any $20 magazine order!! Now that’s what I call a GREAT DEAL! This offer is good thru Feb. 28th. 

So don’t try to do it all at once! I’ll be here to help guide you and help you find where and when to use the coupons. You will love the thrill of getting things nearly free! LOL! I know I love it!!!

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