Walgreens Trip

29 November, 2015

This is my Walgreens trip today. I just want to show what you can do at the stores that give you reward bucks back. With one single investment of  $14 you can just keep turning it over to get free items. First buy products that will give you the full price back in reward bucks. Example: Hand Sanitizer $3.99 and you get $3.99 back in reward bucks. Get around $10-20 dollars for your investment. The next weekend use those reward bucks on items that will give you full value of reward bucks back. Then so on and so on.

SO, I had $14 in Register Rewards (RR) from Walgreens from last week. So this week I tried my best to match it up to get about the same back. There was only one item this week that you can get full price back in RR, so I had to make do. Here is what I got:

Total out of pocket $2.62 not bad! PLUS I have $10.99 in RR for next week!

Here is how it breaks down:

Hand Sanitizer

: $3.99 =

$3.99 in RR

Lysol Soap System: $11.99 and I used a $3 off coupon = $8.99 Got $7 in RR

Charmin Toilet Paper 6 Mega Rolls: $3.49 used in ad coupon to pay only $2.99 then I used a manufacture coupon for .25 cents off that = $2.74

I had to add 2 candies so I could use all my coupons .35 cents each = .70

This totals to $16.42 add tax for a total of $16.62

Then I used my $14 RR to pay for this so my total out of pocket ended up being $2.62!! Not bad!

The total before coupons would have $19.75!

Important to know about Walgreens: You can use a manufacture coupon on top of an in-ad coupon. You also have to have as many products as you do coupons. That’s why I had to add the two .35 candies. I’m pretty sure there are pencils you can get for .10 near the card section for a better deal.

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