Want to Find the Perfect Dog for Your Home Then the Havanese Might Just Be the Puppy Youre Looking For

16 September, 2013

Want to find the Perfect Dog for your home? Then the Havanese might just be the puppy you’re looking for!

Unsure which Dog Breed to choose? Well I don’t blame you – there
are literally hundreds to choose from! Do you fancy some dogs,
only to find out that they just won’t suit your lifestyle! Are
you STILL looking?

Here is a Tip……

There is one dog breed that you really need to consider. In fact
it hasn’t been in the states for very long and already is
becoming one of the most sought after little dogs going around.
So much so that the demand for puppies is so great the breeders
are having a hard time keeping up – talk about a stampede of
interest in this popular little dog….

Curious about what all the fuss is about?

Well I am talking about the highly sought after Havanese!

Are you looking for a sweet, cute, yet sturdy small lap dog? How
about a dog that has a non-shedding fluffy white or black coat?
If you are looking for a petite companion dog that is
intelligent and great with children then the Havanese breed is
for you.

Here is a little about the Havanese.

Did you know that the Havanese originated in Cuba? The Havanese
is in the Bichon variety of dogs and has relations to the
Maltese, Poodle, and Bichon Frise. The Havanese is the national
dog of Cuba. Wow – what an exciting honor to bestow upon a dog!
This recognition demonstrates the universal admiration and
appreciation for the Havanese breed.

Did you know that the Havanese is a small dog, but is an
accomplished performer? The Havanese dog is clever, obedient,
and skilled at performing tricks. The Cuban social elite have
regarded the Havanese breed as a top dog for hundreds of years.

Did you know that the Havanese breed is relatively new in the
United States? The Havanese breed hit America in the 1970’s. The
1990’s brought a surge in popularity and the Havanese is quickly
becoming the “It” dog of the 21st century.

Its temperament, personality and non-shedding coat have made
this little dog “The Dog To Have”.

As you continue your search for the RIGHT puppy to get, you
really need to consider the Havanese Puppy. If you want more
information about this dog, then visit


About the author:

Fiona Kelly is a passionate Havanese owner that has devoted
countless hours sharing her secrets on how to have the perfect,
happy, healthy and best behaved Havanese. If you’re interested
in the Havanese then you can check out her web site at

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