Ways of Saving Money by Cooking You Own Food

13 March, 2017

1. Make a food budget

Making a  food budget is  important when you’re trying to live within your means. This will give you a guide on how much you need to spent.

  • To make a food budget you need to draw up a meal planner
  • A meal planner lets you know the things you will need in your food plan.
  • You can make a meal planner for the whole month this will save you time as you can plan ahead.
  • By making a meal planner  you will  avoid buying things that will end up in the bin without being used.

2. When serving food dish out sensible meal portions.

When serving food make sure people take only what they finish there is no need to serve big portions which wont be eaten. Don’t encourage people to eat several servings. Instead of boiling ten potatoes for your family of four, bake one and half potato for  each one.

3.Freezing leftovers

Don’t throw away leftovers gone are the days where we used to leave the left overs dinner stay overnight on the kitchen tables and throw them the next morning. Get in the habit of freezing food as soon as you server and there are leftovers. Remember to let the food cool down as you do not want to overwork your freezer which can resulting increase energy bill. You can get food freezer friendly recipes on Good Food Channel

4. Cooking extra.

When using your stove, oven, or other appliance to make a meal, cook extra and freeze it for another day. By doing this you will only need to heat up the leftovers. This will not only save you  preparation and cooking time but will also save you on utility cost.

5. Avoid buying take aways

Buy your own recipe books or browse on the Internet for a receipt an make your own KFC chicken of McDonaldburger. It will be even more tasty trust me.

Here are some good website you can use to get recipes:

1. www.goodtoknow.co.uk2. www.allrecipes.co.uk3. www.bbcgoodfood.com4. www.greatlittleideas.com

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