Ways to Earn Extra Money

2 April, 2017

They are many ways of earning extra money and you could do it for fun.Boasting your income can be done  easily if you have the dedication and time and you are focused. This will go a long way in helping you with your finance and building your savings.

1. Selling From Catalogue

One can make easy money by selling for companies that have catalogues. It provides a  flexible way of working.  To be successful you need to build a good portfolio of regular customers. Avon is one good company that has good catalogue products. They pay good commission and their products are popular. Other companies that offer catalogue selling include:


Oriflame cosmetics

FM Group

Earn Extra Income With Avon

2. Register As An Extra For Films

Becoming a film extra can be easy , fun and exciting. You can also get the chance to meet some celebrities whilst you do this.  Earnings vary  between £50  to £150  a day depending on your role and the frequency you will appear on each film.  To qualify as an extra you will need to register with agencies.  Some of the agencies are listed below





3. Dog Walking Income

Starting your own dog  walking service can get you some extra cash walking easily. This a great job for anyone who loves animals. Dog walking has other benefits besides earning extra money such as you enhances your fitness.

4. Rent Out A Room In Your House

Renting a room in your home can provide and extra money easily. But before taking someone in your house you need to get a  credit check  and references from previous landlords so that you know they will be able to pay the rent.

5. Recycle For Cash

Sell your unwanted possessions rather than disposing them.  For items that need viewing or collection by buyer use local selling platforms like Gumtreeor Friday ads.  Remember one man’s junk is another man’s priced possession.

6. Rent Your Garage/ Driveway

If you have a garage or a driveway and you do not use it. You could generate some extra money by renting it out to someone especially if you live near to the city. People are now avoiding paying high parking charges so they are considering  renting a garage or driving way to cut cost.

Earn Money Sell on Ebay

Become  A Mystery  shopper

7. Make Use Of Your Talent

If you are talented with a special gift why not use that talent to earn extra income. For example you might be a great at making cakes you could start by selling your cakes to friends and family. As you grow popular you could create a website and market yourself to the whole world, how about that.  Many of us have got great talents which we hide within ourselves but when we start to make  explore these talent they are not only rewarding but are fulfilling as well. So why not have a go at your talent and see where it takes you.

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