Weaving Through The Mass Of Baby Prams Breannas

4 July, 2012

There is so much variety and choice available in baby prams, it takes careful consideration.

When thinking about safety, remember to look at stability of the pram. If the weight is not evenly distributed when hanging bags on the back of the pram, the pram will tip backwards and could cause serious injury to your baby.

Also take into consideration the braking system. Some have a hand brake combined with a stronger foot brake. Others will only have a foot brake. Whichever type you choose, the brake has to be strong enough to prevent the pram from rolling if you park it on a hill. Prams can hold a larger amount of weight than its own and the baby’s, including whatever you decide to hang or store under it. The brakes have to be able to cope with this.

Seat belts are an important safety feature as they stop the baby from slipping out of the pram. All newborn baby prams will have a five point harness which goes over the baby’s shoulders and then across the baby’s waist. Always strap your baby in prior to starting to push the pram, as bumps, steps or slopes can cause your baby to fall out if not strapped in.

The types of wheels on the prams differ enormously as well. It’s possible to have three-wheeled rubber all-terrain wheels, which will enable you to take the pram across any surface. They generally come with the front wheel being a swivel wheel, which makes maneuvering easier. Other prams will have small plastic or hard rubber wheels, which won’t be suitable across uneven ground, and you may find yourself stuck.

The weight and size of the pram when open and collapsed is a crucial factor when deciding on your purchase. Some of the three-wheeler all-terrain prams are bulky when open and folded, yet aren’t very heavy. But these don’t fit in the boots of small cars. The umbrella-folding prams will fold flat and are very narrow. But, deceptively, they can weigh considerably more than the larger three wheelers. Although, they will fit in all car sizes and some umbrella folding prams are made to fold to half their size again.

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