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27 January, 2015

Mark A. Abrahams asked:

Web banner advertising used to be very popular many years
ago when the internet first started. Banners were usually
found on most web sites. However with the abuse of these
adverts people became less inclined to click on the adverts
and this meant the decline of banner adverts. These type of
adverts started to receive really low click through rates
below 0.5 percent. However, these days with the high prices
of PPC adverts and ezine advertising these types of adverts
are making a comeback and many of the very successful
marketers are using it.

There are two ways that you can use banner adverts that
work. The first is to design a very visual banner usually
animated that catches your attention and causes the visitor
to click through to your web site. The Internet Marketing
Center have many of these kind of banners which have click
through rates between twelve and fifteen percent which is
really exceptional. The second kind of way that you can use
a banner is to have a very plain design using blue text on
white. The blue text is similar to a hyperlink and will
increase your click through rate. The white background
makes the banner look like content and also enhances the
click through rate.

The effective method for using banner advertising is the
placement of the banner on the web site that you are
advertising on. You need to ensure that you place your
banner towards the top of the web page as this is where
your users are more likely to click on your adverts. If you
place your banners towards the bottom of the page or in a
position that your visitors can’t see it will significantly
reduce your click through rates. You also need to find web
sites in a similar niche to yours that are not competitors
and negotiate competitive advert rates to display your
banner. If you can I also suggest that you first ask for a
free trial to see if your banner advertising will be
successful on their web site.

Once you master the art of web banner advertising this will
definitely give your business the extra edge and you will
generate profits from a different advertising source to
your traditional ways of advertising.

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